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Neon nails on trend: 8 great neon nail designs for summer!

Like many other beauty trends from the nineties that we love, neon colors are currently at the top of the list. From neon eyeshadows to neon hair, there are so many ways to play with the bright neon colors. We understand that these colors can look too vibrant and flashy in or around the face. But there is still a simple and more subtle way to approach the neon trend: neon nails.

Neon Nägel sind Sommer Trend 2021

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to give your nails a pop of color that will instantly put you in the vacation mood. Check out these 8 ways to wear neon nails, and remember the best ideas for your next nail design appointment!

1. neon nails french

neon sommer nägel french

Pastel French nails were super trendy in the spring. Now in summer, nail tips are painted in eye-catching neon colors like pink, orange, yellow and coral. With neon colors, your French nails will get a bright, modern twist in no time.

Short gel nails with a neon edge

neon sommer french für kurze nägel

Who says you have to choose just one neon color? Choose not just one, but five different shades! In all seriousness, with the neon nail trend at its peak, there’s no better time to treat yourself to a neon rainbow mani. To achieve the cheerful, summer look, paint each nail tip a different neon shade.

French tips in V-shape

Neon Nägel French in Orange und Neongrün

You can adapt the French nail design to your nail shape. For example, if you prefer to wear your nails rectangular, you can design the French tip in a V-shape. For Sqoval and Almond Nails, it’s best to go for the classic, rounded smile line.

Squoval nails with French tips in coral

neon pinke nägel mit french tips

2. neon nails with leo spots

nägel ideen neon kurz

Another cool nail design trend that is currently circulating on Instagram is the combination of neon colors and leopard pattern. The colorful stripes are special here, on which black leopard spots are then drawn. On a base coat in a nude tone, this nail design comes out wonderfully.

Nail design with neon yellow

neon nägel gelb mit leo streifen

The stripe should run vertically over the entire nail bed. Above this colored strip, the leo pattern is then painted with black. On the rest of the nails is usually the same neon color.

Neon nails in pink

neon pinke nägel matt mit leopardenmuster

Depending on how colorful you want your nail design, you can choose a different neon color for each nail. With the bright base coat, the whole thing still looks harmonious and not too bold.

Neon rainbow nails in matte

neon nägel matt mit leo muster

3. retro swirl nails in neon colors

Retro Muster in Neonfarben auf lange Gelnägel

We can’t talk about nail design trends 2021 without mentioning the trendy 70s style neon nails! They are the ultimate solution for fun summer nails that are bright and Instagram-worthy.

The waves start and end in different places

Nageldesign im Retro-Stil in Neonfarben

A light or nude nail polish is used as a base. Then narrow and wider wavy lines are drawn with a fine nail polish brush. You can get completely creative with the exact wavy shape and number of colors.

The swirl nails immediately put you in a good mood

neon sommer nägel in pink und gelb mit negative space

This nail trend is extremely versatile. You can either add a cool design to every other nail to set a few accents, or conjure up colorful wavy lines on all nails.

Simple swirl design on the ring finger

neon nägel kurz in pink mit glitzer

4. neon nails 2021: colorful and abstract

neon nägel bunt mit goldblatt

If you want to make a neon nail design yourself, an abstract design might be just the thing for you. With the help of the irregular shapes, you can hide flaws well. You can choose two or three nail polish colors in neon and combine them for an eye-catching color blocking look.

Abstract neon nails in pink, blue and white.

neon sommer nägel mit abstraktem muster in rosa und blau

Alternatively, you can use a white nail polish as a base the neon colors as accents. With gold foil and fine spider gel lines, the abstract nail design can be wonderfully rounded off.

5. neon nails with gradient

Sommer Nägel in Neonfarben

Nails with color gradient, so-called ombre nails, are not a new trend, but the look can be implemented great with neon colors. On this colorful background, black nail art motifs such as shells, starfish and palm trees come into their own.

Neon nails in ombré look

neon nägel mit verlauf zwischen pink orange und gelb

The most popular variant for a summer nail design is the color gradient from pink to orange to yellow. The nails are reminiscent of the Tequila Sunrise cocktail and look just as delicious. The colorful drink served as inspiration for this bold hair color as well.

Palm trees are a popular motif for summer nails

neon koralle und gelb nägel mit verlauf

6. neon nails matt

neon orange stiletto nägel matt mit ombre

Do you love to be inconspicuously eye-catching? Then this nail design is just right for you! The matte look is a hot trend that makes the neon colors look delicate and velvety instead of bright.

Summer nails in a delicate matte look with neon accents.

kurze Neon Nägel matt in nude, pink und orange

7. neon nails with glitter and negative space

neon nägel mit glitzer schwarz und gelb

With such a bright polish on your nails, sometimes less is more. You can make a bold statement with a negative space look that includes just one (or two) neon shades. Add some black and silver glitter to conjure up a beautiful contrast.

Neon orange nails with glitter

Neon Nägel mit Orange, Glitzer und Schwarz

8. short neon nails – discreet and striking at the same time

neon gelb nägel mit glitzer

Want to try the summer 2021 manicure trend, but aren’t a fan of overly complicated nail designs? For this simple but cool look, for example, a single neon color, a light nude shade and some silver glitter are combined. This still looks magical and also fits well with the Geometric Nail Art trend, which has become very popular in recent years.

neon orange nägel mit glitzer

If you need even more inspiration for your next nail design, check out 90 of the most beautiful gel nail ideas for 2021 in this article!