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Nail trends for winter 2022 – what are the colors of the season according to professionals + tips for winter nail care

Whether they are a little glittery or a little gothic, dark nail trends for winter 2022 are a bright signal for the season. Some of them match our gloomy surroundings and cold weather with navy blue or vampire burgundy, while others reflect a certain attitude or emotional expression. The midnight vinyl manicure, for example, is a timeless classic in the world of fashion and music. So, which are the most popular colors for winter nails 2022, learn in this article.

Completely black is the trend of the season

Winter Nails 2022 - What are the nail trends for the season according to the pros

Absolutely black Winter Nails 2022 is the trend of the season, taking red carpet ensembles to the extreme. This shade was seen on Olivia Rodrigo and Addison Rae at the Grammys, Laverne Cox at the Academy Awards, Lil Nas X at the VMAs and Lizzo at the Emmys. Short black nails create a clean look with a slightly rebellious touch. Combined with an ultra-shiny top coat, the black looks creamy and glossy rather than dull. Plus, black nails go with anyone, like a tailored suit. They are so bold that they contrast strongly with many skin tones, much like a black wardrobe.

More nail trends for winter 2022 – Deep reds.

Winter 2022 nail trends - deep reds never go out of fashion

The iconic deep reds never go out of style. They are the most famous color in the fashion world among celebrities and fashionistas. A deep, somber red is always in for a sultry winter. It’s great on its own or for a moody French manicure.

Midnight blue is the choice of the new romantics

Midnight blue nail colors reflect the dark, intense nature of the night

Navy blue and midnight blue are the choice of the new romantics. Midnight blue nail colors reflect the dark, intense nature of the night as well as the cold weather of winter. But if you want to add a touch of warmth, pay attention to the undertones. Royal blue with a slightly warm undertone will make the look not so chilly.

Winter Nails 2022 – Shiny Evergreens.

Winter Nails 2022 - Shiny Evergreens

Moss green nails are what nail artists call “midnight green,” which looks best in intensely pigmented shades with a glassy finish. Taylor Swift has been wearing this shade on and off stage for years. Midnight green is perfect for cold weather. It’s actually a very earthy color, like the forest outside a winter cabin.

Comic nails are also a great idea for your next manicure! You can find inspiration for nail designs here !

Chocolate brown reminds us of the coziness of the season

Chocolate brown nails remind us of the coziness of winter

A deeply pigmented chocolate brown metallic shimmer is one of the perfect nail trends for winter 2022, evoking the coziness of the season. These are the best Winter Nails 2022 for those who want to add something interesting without straying too far from the classics. This is also a great color for those who prefer a matte finish, as it adds depth to the nail color.

Winter Nails 2022 – Metallic Charcoal

Winter Nails 2022 - Metallic, charcoal manicure is ideal for non-traditionalists

There’s something sci-fi about metallic, charcoal nails that’s especially hot for winter 2022 nail trends. They are something of a must for fans of modern classics. Easy to combine, this color adds a touch of uniqueness to any outfit. These are the ideal Winter Nails 2022 for the bold non-traditionalists who don’t mind deviating from classic trends.

The French manicure is back in winter 2022

French manicure is back in style for winter 2022

The classic French manicure has made a triumphant return in the past year and is a trendy look even in the winter months. It is perfect for those who love a crisp, clean nail design. Nail artists have also gotten creative with this style, adding colorful tips and negative space lines, while experimenting with barely visible tips and long stilettos. However you wear it, this nail trend is back for winter 2022.

Nail care routine for the cold months

How to keep your nails & cuticles healthy in winter

The first requirement for a beautiful manicure is well-groomed nails and cuticles. Learn how to keep your nails healthy in the winter by following a few simple but important tips at Continue Reading

Moisturize your nails with oil: apply creams, oils or ointments to damp nails, especially after washing your hands. The ingredients should contain natural oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea butter, etc. These help lock in moisture to protect the cuticles and strengthen the nail itself.

Use a non-drying soap and moisturize your hands frequently: use a lighter and non-greasy moisturizer during the day. Apply it to your hands and nails as often as possible after washing. Keep a tube by your sink or in your purse. Apply a richer oil at night.

Cut and file nails while wet: cutting dry nails can split and break the layered protein structure of brittle nails. To soften this structure and make them supple, you should wet your nails before any nail modification. Filing or polishing wet nails can prevent further nail splitting by removing any rough edges where something could get caught. Always file nails from the sides toward the center to prevent splitting.

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