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Nail trend in spring 2022: The coolest “Spring Tips” for a beautiful and well-groomed appearance

You already know French manicure: nails are first painted with delicate skin tone nail polish and then nail tips are painted with white nail polish color. However, in spring the nail tips are painted differently, namely colorful, and then decorated with flowers, with stones, with butterflies and so on. Below we will show you the popular nail trend in spring 2022: Spring Tips, which are a must-have. Do not forget that the perfect manicure will ensure a beautiful and well-groomed appearance.

Nail trend in spring 2022: colorful spring tips

French manicure with colors and white stripes

As already mentioned, the Spring Tips trend is a better version of the French manicure. The nails do not necessarily have to be in the skin tone, colorful combinations are also fashionable. You can choose different shades for your nails and then combine them with white stripes to follow the spring nail trend.

Cool heart spring tips for your nails

French manicure with hearts 2022

You actually do not need to have stripes as Spring Tips, as you are used to in French manicure. Do it differently! Be modern! When it comes to Spring Tips, you can opt for hearts, for example. These are an absolute eye-catcher.

Get that spring feeling: fashionable nails

Manicure Trend Spring

You can choose any color for such manicure, but most often the bright colors are preferred in spring. You can choose different designs or create them yourself: with rhinestones, applications, etc. You can also supplement, reduce or add to already existing designs.

Neon colors: especially eye-catching

Neon colors nail trend spring

Above all, it is important that a design you like and fits your personality. Some women always want to be painted with many different nail polish colors, others always stick to one color. Tips in neon colors are especially eye-catching and beautiful for the warm season. Your creativity should be limitless.

Sweet butterflies as a spring nail trend

French manicure with butterflies

Who doesn’t like butterflies? They exude good mood, that’s why you can calmly complement the boring stripes with a few butterflies. For example, nail stickers can be used here if the patterns are more elaborate.

Pastel shades are always in fashion

French Manicure Trend Spring 2022

Pastel shades are ideal for the warm season of spring. Show imagination, use different nail polish colors. The result will be a fantastic design. Rhinestones are always in fashion because they are easy to combine. Spring tips with pastel shades are an absolute nail trend in spring.

Get out of your comfort zone: Swirl Spring Tips

Colorful nails spring 2022

If you want to leave your comfort zone and try something new, turn a regular French manicure into a Spring Tips manicure, but with abstract swirls. You will need a lot of nail polish colors to get a nice result.

Moon manicure and something more

French moon manicure spring 2022

You are probably already familiar with the stylish moon manicure. But this spring, French moon manicure is a nail trend. Don’t just stick to one manicure or another, combine it to get a nice spring feeling. This is a very subtle design that will help your hands look well-groomed for longer.

Good nail trend for spring 2022

French with yellow color as a trend 2022

Today, stylists offer any color to choose from. And one of the best options is to paint your fingernails in different colors: Spring Tip here can be the yellow French stripe. The sun shows up again, it’s getting warmer, the yellow color perfectly fits the season. Combine this modern nail polish color with florals.

Metallic Spring Tips: an eye-catcher

Metallic gold nail tips trend spring 2022

For special occasions, you can experiment a bit. Paint your nail tips with metallic colors like gold or silver, which look very classy. Let your nails be fashionable and up to date!

Green color as a nail trend in spring

French with green color

Another color that would go well with your nails in spring is green color. Everything is slowly turning green outside. That’s why you can choose a nail polish in green color quite currently.