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Nail polish trends fall/ winter 2022: The best nail designs we’re dying to try out

There are many things to love about fall and winter: the chill in the air, the puffy jackets and cozy sweaters, the evenings on the sofa under a warm blanket, and of course all the hot drinks that come after September. The nail polish trends for this fall and winter are some of the best we’ve seen in years. There are plenty of rich, deep colors as well as lots of playful designs. We’ve rounded up some of the best nail trends for you – make your nail appointment quickly!

The trendy nail polish designs for fall/ winter 2022.

What are the nail polish trends for fall and winter 2022

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next manicure or want to change things up this November, we’re showing you the latest nail trends for this season. From colorful nails to sleek designs, there are plenty of options to get you in the mood for the cooler air.

Natural shades are trending for fall

Nude shades are also on trend this fall and winter

The natural shades look fantastic on the nails and are the ideal choice for a woman who wants a beautiful and interesting manicure. These colors can include sand, beige, white, nude and more. The muted tones are easy to wear and work well for different occasions. The beauty is in the simplicity, and this nail polish trend looks great when worn with chunky knits. Complement your nails by dressing in neutral tones, or create a contrast by wearing something flashy and bright like red or orange.

Fall nail polish trends: rich earth tones.

Nail polish trends - rich earth tones are the perfect choice for autumn

Rich earth tones have been used as nail colors in many fall collections. Perfect for the colder seasons and easy to incorporate into the many popular Fall 2022 color choices, rich browns, earthy grays and deep greens provided a landing spot for nail designers. Light accents of the various hues can be found on many of this season’s nail art looks.

Wear mauve nails in fall and winter.

Mauve shades suit almost every skin tone

As a neutral, earthy tone, mauve is great for everyone. The mauve color is also a beautiful alternative to all the brown nail looks we see this time of year.

Forest green nails are in line with nail polish trends for 2022

With the forest green color you will achieve an autumnal mood

This deep forest shade is not only timeless and classy, but also a slight transition from the Bottega green that was ubiquitous this summer. However, dark green is one of the most versatile colors and suits all nail lengths and shapes, as well as most skin tones.

Chrome gold nail polish trends for fall and winter.

Chrome-gold nail polish designs for the festive season in winter

Gold nail polishes can sometimes look a bit sallow. This winter, however, it’s all about accenting with polish to really show off the metallic finish.

French manicure in mocha tones.

French nails in mocha colors for more color in autumn

Add a fun touch to the warm hue by trying out a French manicure.

An excellent winter night design is the soft shimmer

Nail polish trends 2022 - soft shimmer

While glitter paints are undoubtedly more eye-catching and effective, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for soft shimmers. Subtle shimmer is definitely having its moment at the moment, and we’ll be seeing a lot more sparkle when it comes to Christmas. Add it to French manicures or coat the entire nail with a subtle white or gold shimmer for a super festive look.

Ruby red nail polish is trending in 2022

One of the most popular nail polish colors for winter is ruby red

Coming in as the frontrunner for winter nail colors is the shade of deep ruby red. This classic nail color, which is often semi-popular throughout the year, continues to have a grip on the fashion world – just a few shades darker than the color we saw in spring and summer.

Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails Are Among Nail Polish Trends

Chocolate Glazed nail design for fall 2022

The latest nail trend we’re all obsessed with is the delicious chocolatey version of donut nails.

Classic and elegant black line nails

Classic nails with lines in black

Black is a bold color that demands attention. It is also associated with strength and sophistication and is the perfect choice for those who want edgy and cool nail art. There are many different ways to try this color, from opting for a solid polish on each nail to a gothic chic approach. Or for those who want something more subtle, black line tips are super suitable. Instead of opting for the classic French manicure, you can let your creativity run wild by swapping out the white polish for black. This design works best with longer nails, as it requires more space. Combine your black tips with a clear or nude color.

An irresistible cat eye nail design.

Nail polish trends for fall and winter 2022 - cat eye design

Cat eye nails have overtaken the glazed donut finish as the hottest manicure of the moment, giving the nail a luminous, velvet finish. Slightly witchy and completely mesmerizing is this nail design , which you can try for a festive occasion.

Nail polish trends for fall/winter 2022: Tortoiseshell nails.

Colorful design with tortoiseshell nails

Tortoiseshell nails have been a persistent trend for fall every year, but mixing them with a splash of color will modernize the look. An unexpected twist to this classic fall look would be to add a minimal touch of bright colors or even neons.

Nail polish trends for the winter season: the Velvet Nails.

Velvet nails for a trendy outfit in winter

For those who want to upgrade their manicure, a magnetic polish might be just the thing. It is an effect nail color that you can control with a magnet. The colors contain metal particles, so you can achieve different effects depending on the magnet you use. There are a number of different shades, but we think this color trend really shines in a deep, dark shade.