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Nail polish trends 2023: These colors and nail designs we all wear in the coming season!

Girls, we guarantee you would agree with us – the feeling of leaving the nail salon with freshly painted nails is simply indescribable, isn’t it? A pretty and chic manicure is fun and completes our outfits perfectly. For us personally, there are no limits when it comes to nail designs and this year we’re in the mood for a little bit of everything. And since it’s already January, it only makes sense to get familiar with the latest nail polish trends for 2023! Whether it’s bright red, colorful dopamine nails or romantic pastel yellow, nail trends are more versatile than they’ve been in a long time and have something for every taste and style. But enough talking! Just read on and find your next favorite look in our article!

Nail polish trends 2023: Velvet nails are in

Nail trend Velvet Nails Nail polish Trends 2023

Slowly but surely, velvet has also made its way into the beauty world and velvet nails are undoubtedly one of the biggest nail polish trends for 2023. In this case, the nails are covered with a velvety-looking shimmer and the nail design is simply perfect for the cold winter months.

Nail polish trends 2023 what are Velvet Nails nail trend

Whether in silver, gold or sky blue – Velvet Nails can be implemented in all possible nuances and literally make our hands shine. The fine light effects give the monochrome look a cool and elegant twist that immediately catches the eye.

Chrome nails as a nail trend for 2023

Metallic Nails Nail Trend Spring Summer Nail Polish Trends 2023

Chrome nails or metallic nails are not a new phenomenon in the fashion world, but they will continue to impress us with their modern and cool look in the coming months. The nail design is characterized by a metallic look with a mirror-like shiny surface and looks indescribably noble. Sometimes in gold, silver or pink – Chrome Nails come in a wide variety of shades and have won themselves a permanent place on the list of the most beautiful nail polish trends for 2023.

Chrome nails nail trend nail design ideas in pink nail polish trends 2023

And here’s the good news – you can easily get Chrome Nails yourself at home. All you need for the metallic look is a nail polish in your favorite color, an eyeshadow applicator and a nail powder with chrome effect (are available online). Simply paint your fingernails as usual and after you apply the Bose Coat, the powder is worked in with the applicator using light dabbing motions. Finally, seal again with Top Coat and voilà – you have a real eye-catcher manicure!

Viva Magenta as one of the biggest nail polish trends for 2023

Nail polish trends 2023 Viva Magenta trend color of the year

Long live magenta! Bright shades will dominate not only our outfits this year, but also our hands. If you’ve read our article about the latest trending colors for 2023, then you know that Viva Magenta is the Pantone color of 2023. So it’s logical that we need the hue in our nail polish collection as well.

Viva magenta color of the year nail polish trends 2023

Whether it’s a solid color, playful patterns and embellishments, or modern French nails, Viva Magenta is definitely one of the most beautiful nail polish trends for 2023 and we just can’t get enough of the radiant color. The vibrant shade makes our hands shine in a unique way and acts as a great mood lifter in the gloomy winter months.

Pastel yellow is on trend

Nail polish trends 2023 pastel yellow nail design ideas spring

The sun doesn’t show up that often in January, but we don’t mind, because with pastel yellow we get the necessary portion of sunshine. Pastel colors are always a good choice, but classics like powder pink, sky blue or lavender will have plenty of competition for the coming season. Pastel yellow as a nail polish trend for 2023 has already taken our hearts and social media by storm and makes us dream of the sunny spring days already now.

Pastel yellow nail design pictures nail polish trends 2023

At first glance, pastel yellow may take a little getting used to, or the soft shade makes quite a visual impact and also flatters absolutely every skin tone. So make your hands glow and ask for pastel yellow at your next salon visit – you won’t regret it, I promise!

Dopamine nails put you in a good mood

Nail polish trends 2023 Dopamine Nails nail trend images

Fun, fun and more fun – that’s how we can describe the nail polish trends for 2023 in a single word. Ever heard of Dopamine Nails? Well, this is THE nail trend that immediately ensures lots of good mood. It’s not about one particular nail polish, but quite the opposite – we paint our nails in every shade imaginable. The only rule? The shades must be bright and vibrant. Think yellow, pink, green, blue or even orange – anything that strikes one’s fancy is allowed.

Dopamine Nails Nail Trend Nail Polish Trends 2023

And the best part? Dopamine nails come in every conceivable variety. Would you perhaps like a swirl pattern? Or would you prefer an elegant French manicure? Polka dots are also on trend and, in combination with the vibrant colors, ensure a good mood. With Dopamine Nails as the nail polish trend for 2023, the sky is literally the limit! So have fun and experiment with different nail designs.

Red in all shades

are red nails in trend nail polish trends 2023

Chic and really classy – red is undoubtedly a timeless classic and, fortunately, continues to stay with us for the coming season. Whether royal red, coral or cherry red – the hue is still one of our favorite colors and red nails are celebrated as one of the most beautiful nail polish trends for 2023. Red nails simply testify to style and always provides an extra dose of glamour and elegance.

Nail polish trends 2023: Nude nails for an elegant look

Nail polish trends 2023 Nude nails with glitter

Gaudy colors are not for you and you love it a little more restrained? The nail polish trends for 2023 have something to offer for you, too! The nude look continues to be all the rage and shows our well-groomed hands at their very best. Powdery rose or cool beige always look beautiful and convince us with a simple and timeless elegance. For those who prefer a bit more color, shades like vanilla or mocha are the way to go.