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Nail design for school: 20+ of the coolest “back to school” nails!

Even though we hate to admit it, summer is slowly but surely coming to an end. September is a strange transition month for many of us. Either we just got back from summer vacation and now we have to get back to work or we have to get ready for the new school year. With the start of a new season, that great feeling of new beginnings hovers in the air and you usually crave a little change. Maybe you’re in the mood for a new haircut or makeover? Or maybe a cool and chic manicure? Well, luckily we can definitely help you with the latter! Whether you need to go back to school or just want to reminisce about your carefree childhood and teenage years, back to school nails are all the rage right now and will add a refreshing and very cool touch to your look! Whether it’s simple and understated or fun and colorfully decorated, make sure you’re the prettiest kid in class with our back to school nail design ideas!

Nail design for school: Which nail polish colors are suitable for this?

Nageldesigns Ideen für Mädchen Herbst 2021 Nageltrends

A cute back to school nail design is probably one of the cutest and coolest ways to welcome fall and dive into the school days. At the start of a new school year, of course, everyone wants to look their best, including teachers, students, and even the moms who drop their kids off at school in the morning. And back to school nails are just perfect for that! However, even though some schools don’t have a specific dress code or uniforms, too bright and gaudy colors are usually an absolute no-go – both in clothes and on nails. To make your hands shine without your manicure being too eye-catching, go for more subtle shades instead. Think pink, beige, white, cream or pastel colors, such as lavender, mint and sky blue.

Suitable and cool motifs for back to school nails

Nageldesign Ideen für kurze Nägel Back to School Nails Nageltrend

Back to school nails are fun, playful and always create a nice school feeling. When it comes to choosing the right back to school nail design, there are actually almost no limits to your imagination. Some of the most popular motifs are of course books, rulers, paper clips, colorful crayons and letters. Or in other words – every school and office supplies somehow perfectly fits the theme and looks really cool on the nails!

Nageltrends Herbst 2021 Back to School Nails Bilder

Or maybe you have a favorite subject? Math, chemistry? Then how about decorating your fingernails with chemical compounds, the periodic table or one or another mathematical formula? In combination with bright colors, the motifs look incredibly fun and with such a nail design for school you will definitely stand out from the crowd! Whether you choose an accent nail or go all out and choose a different motif for each finger depends on your own taste. Either way, the end result is always perfect.

Nail stickers for a simple and cool nail design for school

Nagelaufkleber für Mädchen Nageldesign Schule Bilder

You don’t have to be a professional to create a beautiful nail design for school. Complicated decorations are not for you and you do not have time for a nail salon visit? Then you are in the best place with nail stickers! Nail stickers are now available in all imaginable variations and look just as good and chic. And the most beautiful thing? For such a pretty manicure you need not even 10 minutes. Simply paint the fingernails in a nail polish color of your choice, apply nail stickers and your Back to School Nails are ready!

French nails for an elegant look

French Nails 2021 Back to School Nageldesign für Schule

French nails are a timeless classic that are perfect for any occasion and women of all ages. And Back to School Nails are no exception. An accent nail is perfect for spicing up your back to school nail design a bit and making your manicure more exciting. How about reminding your teacher to write you a good grade by drawing a plain “A+” on it? The nail design is pretty easy to recreate, but always looks really nice and playful.

Smileys nail design for school

Smiley Nageldesign Bilder Indie Nails Nageltrends Herbst 2021

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you can’t wear bright and radiant colors. Cheerful smiley emojis combined with a bright yellow instantly put you in a good mood and are a fun choice for back to school nails.

Flowers and darker shades are perfect for fall

Nagellackfarben Trends Herbst 2021 Back to School Nails Bilder

With back to school also comes a new season: fall. Warm hues are totally back in style for the upcoming season and are perfect for those who want a simple and elegant back to school nail design. In combination with delicate flowers, you will get a timeless and very chic look.

Nail design for school: the most beautiful back to school nails to copy

Crayola Nageldesign Anleitung kurze Fingernägel lackieren

Combine different school motifs to get a fun and playful look

einfache Nageldesigns für Mädchen Back to School Nails Bilder

Show everyone how excited you are for the school year by decorating your fingernails with hearts

Herbst Nageltrends 2021 Back to School Nageldesign Bilder

Back to school nails in blue and black look really cool

kurze Nägel lackieren Bilder Nageldesign für Mädchen

Don’t be afraid to play with colors and decorations

Indie Nails Nageltrend Back to School Nägel Trend

A simple and elegant nail design for school

Nageldesign für Mädchen Herbst Nageltrends 2021

Colorfully decorated back to school nails always create a good mood

Nageldesign für Schule Maniküre für Mädchen Bilder

But it doesn’t always have to be colorful decorations: plain nails in pastel colors look just as good

Nagellackfarben Trends 2021 Nageldesign für Mädchen Bilder

Nail design for school for short nails

schwaze Nägel Bilder Nageldesign für Jugendliche