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Nail design 2023: These are the most beautiful gel nail trends that we will see everywhere this year

It hasn’t escaped our notice that nail art has become a means of self-expression and is no longer just about applying polish to your nails. Last year we saw luxurious nail polishes (Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails, for example), eye-catching patterns and bold hues. But what exactly will our manicures look like in 2023? Whether you’re drawn to minimalist nail art or feel like experimenting with different textures and colors, this year’s nail trends offer something for everyone. From airbrush nails to velvet french manicures, below we present the biggest trends for nail design in 2023.

What are the biggest nail design trends 2023?

What are the nail design trends 2023

Don’t have an idea for your next manicure? Then we’re happy to help! Below, we’ve collected the hottest nail designs worth trying in 2023. So you’ll be ready with cool ideas for your next nail appointment!

Airbrush nails are among the biggest gel nail trends in 2023

Airbrushing has been a tool in the nail industry for decades and although it slowly disappeared, it will make a comeback this year. Now, more and more women are asking for designs that require a perfect blend of colors – like the French Fade or Metallic Ombre Nails – and artists are reaching for their airbrush guns again to create a seamless, diffused effect.

Colorful Swirl Nails

Nail design trends 2023 colorful swirl nails

Swirl nails have had a constant presence on social media for the past couple of years and this is not changing in 2023. For eye-catching gel nails in spring, you can go for colorful swirl nails – a playful nail design that can combine all the colors you like.

Micro French Nails

This subtle nail design is often called Baby French Nails because of its cute look. This year, more and more ladies are replacing their long stiletto nails with minimalist, short French manicures. In doing so, feel free to experiment with colors to make the “barely there” French nails your own.

3D Nail Design 2023: Sensorial Nails

Subtle 3D nail design 2023 with gold accents

3D nails have been trending for a while now, but textured nail art takes it to the next level. This year, multiple textures are applied in separate layers to create more dimension and turn nails into something special. You can also play with the finish of your nails with the so-called Sensorial Nails by mixing and matching matte with glossy polish to create a cool, textured effect.

Gel Nails Trend 2023: French Illusion Nails

Illusion French nails are one of the gel nail trends of the year

Also known as optical illusion French manicure or reverse ombre French manicure, this new nail trend is designed to make you look twice. While it features the classic French design, the base and tip of the nail are painted in reverse colors. But that’s not all: an ombre technique makes the transitions between shades look a little trippy.

Mood ring nails

The mood ring nails put us in a good mood in 2023. Also known as aura nails, this nail design is created with an airbrush gun. So for the best finish, be sure to make an appointment with your nail technician. But again, there are color-changing nail polishes that react to temperature, so you can achieve the mood ring effect at home.

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Nail Design 2023: Pop Art Velvet Nails

This trend combines two of the most popular nail designs from the previous year – Velvet Nails and Pop Art Manicure . The velvet base is complemented with some comic book motifs and the final result is nothing less than stunning.

Velvet French Tips

French manicures are going to be really big this year. Here’s another absolutely stunning nail design you should try in 2023. The special look of the trendy velvet nails is paired with the classic French nails design and the result is a brilliant manicure that is elegant and eye-catching at the same time.

Nail trend 2023: Metallics

Melted Metallics Nail Art Trend

Molten metallic polishes and shimmering silver lacquers give nails a sense of otherworldliness and virtual reality. Chrome powders and molten metallic lacquers continue to make inroads, and this trend will only gain momentum in 2023. The rule here is that anything with a metallic look is trendy this year.