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Manicure Trend 2022: Outline French Nails are the coolest nail trend in spring 2022!

French manicure is one of the absolute beauty trends that we always love to come back to because it is simple yet very elegant. Over the years, there have been many creative variations of this classic nail design. Last summer, for example, the French manicure with colorful nail tips was a total hit on Instagram. One of the latest 2022 nail trends inspired by French tips that we absolutely love is the "Outline French"manicure.

Outline French nails are the manicure trend 2022

new trend in nail design - outline French nails

Unlike the classic French nails, two thin lines are drawn across the nail in the Outline French manicure. That is why the nail design is also called Double French. The polish frames the tip of the nail, while the center remains neutral. This creates the illusion of a border.

Outline French nails create a cool negative space look

New nail trend Outline French do it yourself

This nail design is most easily achieved with a thin brush, which is dipped in white nail polish and drawn in two thin lines over the nail. A steady hand is required, however.

French nails 2022 trend in white and nude

The end result is a wonderful minimalist variation of French nails that is perfect for any occasion and suits all nail shapes. The simple design helps to visually lengthen the nails and looks perfect on everyone.

The new nail trend fits all nail shapes

Natural gel nails with double French

You can create the cool, graphic manicure in any color you like – whether it’s a soft nude, glitter or neon colors. Get inspired here by a few of the most beautiful variations of the outline French manicure that are trending on Instagram right now.

Outline French nails with red nail tips

manicure trend 2022 - double french in red and nude

Red is an unexpected color you can choose for this look. In combination with nude colored nail polish, the nail tips really come into their own.

An outline French mani in rainbow colors is one of the most beautiful variations of this nail trend

Nails spring 2022 in pastel colors

If you are looking for an unexpected design, you can choose a different color on each nail. The outline effect will make sure that the nail design doesn’t look too exciting.

Glitter French tips give a touch of luxury

French nails ideas in rose

Glitter nails are all the rage this spring and are the perfect way to add some pizzazz to a minimalist nail design.

The black nail tips are THE nail trend for spring 2022.

French nails with black nail tips

Blue nails are the perfect, dreamy choice for hot summer days by the pool or on the beach

French nails ideas for summer

The nail trend is also ideal for short nails

short gel nails with outline French in red

The pink tips give a fresh touch to the nude colored nails

Double French nails in pink perfect for spring 2022

Neon yellow is definitely the best choice for summer

Nails Spring Summer 2022 Outline French Nails in Neon

Even short, angular nails get an extra dimension through the thin lines

Idea for short nails with golden double French

Instead of nude, the nails can also be painted with a semi-transparent white

new nail trend Double French with glitter

The traditional white stripes also look great with marble nails

Gel nails in pink marble look and French Outline

Let your nails shine and sparkle with a subtle glitter polish! 

Gel nails with almond shape glitter and double French.