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Japanese manicure: what it is and why every woman should try this nail care treatment

We all want to have beautiful nails. Long, shiny and smooth, but in most cases we do not succeed. Then we have to cover the imperfections with nail polish and artificial nails. This is where the Japanese manicure comes into play. It is the perfect strengthening treatment for weak and brittle nails and a truly relaxing beauty ritual. Find out what it is and why every woman needs one in this article.

What is a Japanese manicure?

Japanese manicure - what it is and why every woman should try it

Japanese manicure is a 400-year-old nail care treatment that is very popular in Japan. In simple terms, a Japanese manicure consists of applying a special paste to your bare nails and sealing it with a special powder. But it is actually much more! There is a whole ritual to a Japanese manicure and it is a very relaxing experience.

The products used in a Japanese manicure are all natural in origin. The paste (known as P. Shine Paste) is a mixture of vitamins A and E, bee pollen, keratin and silica from the Sea of Japan. It has a characteristic green color and also contains various oils such as jojoba, bamboo, ylang ylang and red tea. The other important ingredient of a Japanese manicure is the shine powder, which contains diatomaceous earth and beeswax, among other ingredients. It is used to seal the nutrients from the paste and give the nails a light pink glow.

No metal tools or solvents are used at all. Only ceramic nail files and traditional deer skin polishers and oils. Cuticles are pushed, not cut, and even the disinfecting liquid is made from natural and gentle ingredients like beeswax. This makes it a very gentle type of manicure that will leave your nails stronger and healthier than before. The end result is a pearly shine and healthy and natural looking nails. You will get the best results if you have several Japanese manicures done at intervals of no more than three weeks.

What this nail care ritual is all about

What can you expect from this nail care ritual

When you choose to get a Japanese manicure at a salon, you should be prepared for a certain ritual that is part of the overall experience. It should be relaxing for the body and mind, and a hand massage is always helpful!

The first step is to remove the old nail polish and clean and disinfect the nails with a warm liquid containing beeswax. Then file and shape the nails to the desired length. To do this, use a ceramic file, not a metal file. After that, it’s time to take care of the cuticles. Soften the cuticles with a jojoba oil mixture and gently push them with a wooden or ceramic cuticle pusher. This is much gentler on the nails than cutting the cuticles.

Then the green paste is massaged into the nails and rubbed firmly into the nail bed. This paste strengthens the nail bed and helps the nail to become stronger. To do this, use a special cloth, usually green deer or calfskin, so that it does not mix with the cloth used for the powder.

The second step is polishing the Japanese manicure powder sealer. This prevents the green paste from washing off and gives the nails a shiny pink color. The powder is rubbed off with a pink deer or calfskin cloth. This procedure can be repeated two or three times, depending on how damaged the nails are and how the treatment turns out. Finally, a hand massage with essential oils is performed, which promotes blood circulation and relaxes the hands. The treatment usually lasts about half an hour.

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How to make a Japanese manicure at home.

How to do a Japanese manicure at home

What you need:

  • Glass file
  • Cardboard file
  • Cuticle stick
  • Beeswax
  • Softening oil
  • Beeswax powder
  • chamois file

This ancient technique of P-Shine was used by Japanese noble families and is excellent because it does not require chemical agents and is very durable (about 2-3 weeks). It can be performed on both hands and feet and aims to restore light and shine to dull and opaque nails.

Take a bowl filled with hot water, not too big, and immerse your hands in it. This will ensure that the dead skin and various cuticles can be removed by softening the nail and cuticles. Many women add a few drops of various herbs or certain flowers to the inside of the bowl to provide a pleasant scent for the hands. Soak your fingers for about ten minutes, remove them from the water and gently dry them with a delicate cotton cloth. Take a special glass or cardboard file and file your nails slowly until you reach an average length.

Using an orange wood stick, remove the cuticles inside the nail, being careful not to injure yourself. Now carefully run the cardboard file over the entire surface of the nail without forcing it. Take the beeswax and gently massage the nail surface with a chamois file to polish the nail. To complete the process, lightly dust the nail with beeswax powder and polish it well. Finish the process by softening the nails with nourishing oil.

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