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Gel Nails Spring 2022: The latest nail trends and cool ideas for your next mani!

Fun fact: we’re about 40 days away from spring, but who’s counting? And what does that mean? It’s about time to freshen up our closets and give our nails a new and colorful coat of paint! Are you also getting tired of the long winter already? While darker shades like brown, wine red or gray dominate the color palette during the cold winter months, the new season brings higher temperatures and a colorful splendor in nature. Our need to reach for brighter shades is growing, and gel nails in spring 2022 are real mood lifters! Your next appointment at the nail salon is just around the corner? Then you’re in the right place! In the following article we have compiled the most exciting nail trends and ideas for your next mani! Whether French nails with a little update, delicate little flowers or playful patterns – there really is something for everyone!

Gel nails spring 2022: Black French nails are in trend

black nail design pictures gel nails spring 2022

Simple and extremely elegant – French nails are and will remain our favorite in terms of nail designs and will probably never go out of fashion. The timeless classic remains with us for the coming season, but with a small upgrade. Black is only for fall and winter? Far from it! Black French tips are THE nail trend of the year, which we would love to try out immediately.

Black French Nails Ngaeltrend gel nails spring 2022

The black nail tips give our gel nails a cool and modern twist in spring 2022, which makes a lot of difference. Whether with glitter, in the trendy metallic look or the popular Micro French Nails – the possibilities to rock the trend are literally endless and you can let your imagination run wild.

Gel nails spring 2022 nail design ideas in black

Who says that the nail tips always have to be round with French nails? Here, too, you can try out and design your gel nails as you wish in spring 2022. The black French tips look particularly beautiful and elegant as a nail trend in combination with soft nude colors and beige nuances.

Swirl Nails as a nail trend in spring 2022

Swirl nails trend summer gel nails spring 2022 images.

Admittedly, swirl nails are actually not entirely new. The playful patterns have already conquered social media and our hearts last year, and fortunately, this will not change this season. The nail trend is about beautiful waves that look very aesthetic and give our hands a playful and modern touch.

Gel nails spring 2022 Swirl Nails nail trend

The curved swirl nails made of wider and finer lines in all imaginable colors are back and adorn our gel nails in spring 2022. In keeping with the sunny weather, vibrant shades such as light pink, orange, lilac and sky blue are fully in trend. There are no limits to your imagination with this nail trend and you can choose any color you feel like.

Nail polish trends swirl nails nail trend gel nails spring 2022

And the most beautiful thing? To get the playful look, you don’t necessarily need an appointment at the nail salon. The wavy lines can actually be painted quite easily and quickly at home. A toothpick, nail polish in colors of your choice and a steady hand – that’s all you need for this!

Blue nails design images gel nails spring 2022 trends

First, lightly stroke the toothpick on the brush of the nail polish and use it to trace the wavy lines in the desired shape. How large and wide these are, is purely a matter of taste. Allowed is everything you like and the look always looks great.

Gel nails spring 2022: Negative space nails are en vogue

Gel nails spring 2022 what are Negative Space Nails nail trend

Are you more into minimalist and simple nail designs? Then you are in the best place with Negative Space Nails for your gel nails spring 2022! Here, individual areas of the fingernails are not painted with color as usual, but with clear nail polish. This then results in the so-called negative space, or negative space in German.

Negative space nails nail design gel nails spring 2022 images.

Which colors you combine for your Negative Space Nails or which shapes you paint, is up to you. Also with this nail trend 2022 absolutely everything is allowed and there are no limits to your creativity. Whether small colored accents on the nail tip, gentle waves or minimalist corners as a discreet eye-catcher – the different designs definitely make a difference and always ensure a good mood.

Pure glamour: glitter and rhinestones

Glitter nail design pictures gel nails spring 2022

Pearls and glitter rhinestones are not only among the biggest makeup trends of 2022, but they also integrate beautifully into our manicures. The sparkling details literally make gel nails shine in spring 2022 and transform our hands into real eye-catchers. And the best part? You can easily recreate the glamorous look yourself at home.

Gel nails spring 2022 nail polish trends spring

Paint the fingernails in the desired color and put the rhinestones on them with a dotting pen – and you have the perfect mani for a vibrant spring look! The nail polish trend definitely brings lots of good vibes and makes your gel nails look exciting. You can also go wild when it comes to the colors and sizes of the stones. The accessories look particularly soft and elegant in combination with pastel colors such as pink and sky blue.

Delicate flowers as a nail trend in spring 2022

Gel nails spring 2022 pictures flowers nail design ideas

Nature really lets it rip in spring and summer when it comes to blossoms and flowers. So it’s no wonder that floral patterns also adorn our gel nails in spring 2022. Peonies, delicate daisies and other gorgeous flowers look incredibly cute and add a refreshing and vibrant touch to our hands. With the floral nail trend, the good mood is simply pre-programmed and the flower-adorned designs have already conquered our hearts and social media.

gel nails spring 2022 daisy nail design images

The design possibilities are almost endless and you can really let off steam. Whether you opt for a delicate and barely visible floral accent or go all out and spruce up all your fingernails with delicate flowers, it doesn’t matter. The end result is always a stunning and cheerful look that is guaranteed to catch the eye.

Very Peri is THE hottest nail polish color of the year.

Very Peri color of the year nail design gel nails spring 2022

It is probably the color that no one will pass by – the Pantone color of the year 2022 is called Very Peri. This is a great shade between blue and purple and the nuance exudes good mood – perfect for our gel nails in spring 2022 so! The shade is a symbol of personal ingenuity and should awaken our creativity. Whether as French nails, small splash of color or simple and monochrome – Very Peri is a real all-rounder and will accompany us in terms of nail designs throughout the year.

Very Peri nails pictures gel nails spring 2022