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Fancy a new mani? Here are the coolest ideas for winter nails in 2021!

The Christmas season has something special in it and is the best time of year for us! Decorating the house festively, watching Christmas movies and baking cookies – there are countless ways to get into the Christmas spirit. However, in addition to choosing a cozy outfit, a cheerful and chic manicure also makes our anticipation for the holidays soar. For a long time, our hands have been considered one of the most important accessories for all women, and no less than fashion legend Coco Chanel once said that they are our own "business card". It may already be gloomy and cold outside, but winter nails for 2021 are anything but boring! Snowflakes and reindeer may be the obvious choice, but if you want something unexpected and elegant, you’re golden! Regardless of your taste or skill level, read on and get inspired by the coolest nail designs that will take you through the holidays and straight into 2022.

Winter nails 2021: Metallic French nails are on trend

Nail design Christmas in gold French nails nail trend winter 2021

When it comes to sleek and elegant nail designs, French nails are undoubtedly the ultimate classic. A French manicure may have been considered "outdated" for some time, but in the coming months this is guaranteed to change. In the era of the revival of 90s and 00s fashion trends, it is no surprise that French nails are also making a big comeback. Extremely chic and incredibly easy to recreate: Metallic French nails are all the rage and are one of the coolest ideas for winter nails in 2021. Getting creative with nail tips is a great way to spice up our mani. It doesn’t always have to be the classic combination of white and nude. Gold and silver in particular are very much in vogue during the holidays and are guaranteed to put us in a good mood.

Matte nail polish is THE nail trend in winter 2021

green french nails winter nails 2021 pictures

Winter nails in 2021 are all about experimentation – that’s for sure. Matte nail polish is all the rage this season and is considered the cool and elegant counterpart to the classic glossy manicure. As far as the color selection is concerned, there are no limits to your imagination and you can create any nail polish color in matte form. However, the matte nail polish comes into its own especially well with noble earth tones, or dark shades such as red, green and gray. The velvety texture is the perfect complement to our cozy winter sweaters and ideally suited to give our winter nails a wow effect in 2021. And the best part? You can experiment a bit with this nail trend. For example, how about painting only the tips matte and leaving the other half shiny?

Glitter nails just always go

Nail polish winter 2021 Christmas nails ideas elegant

Whether for summer or winter nails in 2021 – glitter just always goes, doesn’t it? The shimmering look puts you in a good mood. The combination of frosty, white nail polish and glitter in gold or silver is particularly popular for the cold season. Or why not combine two nail trends and spice up your French manicure with glitter polish?

Christmas nail design short fingernails winter nails 2021 trend

No matter whether we are 20 or 30 years old – colorful and fun decorated Christmas nails are really fun! The cold season is a great opportunity to experiment a little with our looks and try new things. Typical Christmas motifs such as snowflakes get a glamorous touch with the addition of glitter polish and instantly look much more grown up.

Curved lines for an elegant look

swirl nail design do it yourself winter nails 2021 pictures

If you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram feed lately, you’ve definitely noticed the manis with curved lines. Swirl nails are all the rage in the fashion world and are definitely one of the biggest trends for winter nails in 2021, coming in all sorts of colors and shapes and turning our hands into a great eye-catcher. The great thing about them is that there are no set rules for how the lines should look and you can achieve the look yourself at home. The only important thing is that you use a thin brush to apply the fine lines as precisely as possible. Whether in red, black, nude, glossy or matte – the possibilities to rock the nail design are literally endless.

Winter nails 2021: Brown shades are trendy in the coming season

Christmas nails elegant nail polish faarben trend 2021

The cold season is not only noticeable in our outfits, but also on our hands. While we like to wear bright and colorful nail designs in summer, winter nails in 2021 are a bit more subtle and elegant. While classics like dark red are always a good choice, it’s important to remember that there are other ways to freshen things up a bit. Rich, warm browns are also taking center stage this year, exuding a special warmth. They impress with their simplicity and naturalness and are the perfect everyday companion.

Green nails are on trend

Nail polish colors trends 2021 winter nails do it yourself

Green nails are a classic during the holiday season. They are bold, beautiful and remind us of pine trees, Advent wreaths and delicious mints. Experiment with different textures and shades of green this season to make your winter nails shine in 2021. While glittery accents feel super fresh and cheerful, a dark green looks really sophisticated and also goes wonderfully with the winter season.

Blue glitter polish is the winter nail trend

Winter nail trend blue nail polish with glitter winter nails 2021 pictures

Simple, incredibly versatile and really chic – Blue nails remain fully on trend this season. Responsible for this is the pop legend Jennifer Lopez! For her new mani, the diva has dispensed with the classic variants in red or gold and instead opted for a shimmering shade of blue. If a glitter nail polish in gold or silver is too flashy for you, then this nail trend would be just right for you in winter 2021! The blue shade looks much more subtle and also looks really beautiful in combination with typical winter colors like brown, gray or camel.

Winter nails 2021: the most beautiful ideas for your next mani!

Nail design in white winter nails 2021 trends

Nail stickers are probably the easiest way to make a cool winter manicure yourself

Christmas nail design ideas to make yourself winter nails 2021 trends

Completely red winter nails are too flashy for you? Then this elegant nail design would be just right for you!

Christmas nail designs in red winter nails 2021 make yourself

White nails with fine curved lines feel especially refreshing in the cold season

white winter nails 2021 nail design trends christmas

These white winter nails for 2021 remind us of snow and Christmas

Winter nails 2021 nail polish colors trends

Black and silver for elegant and glamorous winter nails 2021

black nail design Christmas winter nails 2021 trend

French nails in all possible variations continue to be in trend this season

Trend colors nail polish winter 2021 French nails nail trend

Little stars on the nails immediately put us in the Christmas mood

Silver nail design 2021 winter nails pictures

Shimmering metallic nails turn our winter nails in 2021 into a real eye-catcher.

Trend colors nail polish winter nails 2021 paint short fingernails

Why not combine two winter nail trends and create an exciting look?

French nails variants autumn winter nails 2021 trend

Glitter nails simply belong in the cold season

Glitter nails pictures winter nails 2021 pictures

French nails in green for a refreshing and modern manicure

green French nails autumn winter nails 2021 trend

Also typical Christmas motifs like reindeer always create a good mood

funny nail designs Christmas winter nails colors trends 2021

Timeless and glamorous: rich dark red winter nails

Metallic nails nail trend winter nails 2021 do it yourself