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Create nail design for vacation nails – Matching colors and motifs.

nageldesign für urlaubsnägel beige-sandfarbe-glitzer-türkis-blau-spitze-nägel

Especially in the summer, the theme of vacation is at the top. No wonder that most are currently interested in exactly that. Be it in terms of fashion, a beautiful decoration for vacation mood, a make-up in a matching color or but the nail design, which is also the subject of this article. We have compiled ideas and tips for nail design for vacation nails, with which you can get a unique styling. Learn which colors are particularly suitable and with which motifs and patterns you can exude the vacation feeling particularly well.

Beautiful vacation nails with the right patterns and motifs


Surely so many suitable motifs also come to mind, which you can use to match the theme. The first is possibly the palm tree. After all, many associate the word vacation with tropical beaches and palm trees. But these are by no means the only possibility. The sun or shells, starfish, turtles, dolphins and other sea creatures, waves, anchors, steering wheels or even exotic fruits are also super suitable. If you don’t want to limit yourself to a certain type of vacation, you can also simply design different country flags. For a floral nail design for vacation nails, it is best to choose tropical flowers, of course. Then the perfect flair is guaranteed.


You can also combine the nautical motifs such as anchor, steering wheel or rope with matching maritime and nautical patterns. This also includes the stripe pattern in matching colors, which we will present to you in a moment. Scale patterns are of course just as suitable and can be “drawn” freehand on the one hand and designed with the help of coarse glitter on the other. Otherwise, however, you can choose any pattern, be it a modern zigzag or geometric pattern, the classic dot pattern or whatever else comes to mind. The only important thing here is that you choose matching shades for a nail design for vacation nails to match the theme.

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Matching colors for the nail design for vacation nails


Motifs and patterns are of course a nice accent and finish, but do not work perfectly without the right colors. It all comes down to the right shades! And here the selection is really larger than you might think. We present some color groups and fingernail images below, so you have a great overview the next time you want to think about a beautiful nail design for vacation nails. Design pointed nails, rounded nails or angular, long or short, with pictures or simple French manicure.

Blue nails

nageldesign für urlaubsnägel blau-schlicht-dunkelblau-meer-symbol

Of course, the blue color immediately comes to mind, it is associated not only with the sea, but also with the clear summer sky. However, blue fingernails combined with white can also be used for maritime designs. Thus, for example, the mentioned stripe pattern is created quickly and easily with a nail design in blue and white as known from sailors. The nail design in blue can also be used as a background for various vacation motifs. Choose the nail design in dark blue to imitate sea water and light blue for the clear sky.


If simple light or dark blue nails are too boring for you, you can also create an interesting nail design in blue with glitter for a more glamorous look. Of course, the variant is especially good for party nights, which you often organize even on vacation. Or how about a neutral base used for blue patterns? The variants are numerous!

Fingernails in purple


Purple is a romantic color in itself and can be used for various purposes when it comes to creating a nail design for vacation nails. Thus, purple is not only suitable for flowers, but can also represent the summer twilight or simply be used as an alternative to the dark blue sky in the evening. Nuances of the color are so several, so that the choice here is also quite large and the appropriate for each motif or pattern can be found.

Fingernails in turquoise


Another color that is associated with vacations on the beach and sea is turquoise. The gorgeous white beaches and turquoise waters of tropical countries and islands are the dream destination of many. If you want to create turquoise nails, you have the same options as with all other colors. Use polish or gel, glitter or other accessories and put not only yourself but also everyone else in a vacation mood.

Beige shades


Sand colors, beige, ocher and similar are wonderful neutral colors that you can use as a background for a wide variety of motifs or for a simple nail design for vacation nails. Especially by using a little glitter as well, you create the look of sand. Whether simple minimalist or with more elaborate patterns and motifs – the result is guaranteed to impress!

Coral and other shades of the color red


Another exotic and also very popular color, with which you can create a beautiful nail design for vacation nails, is coral or as a lighter variant the salmon color. In addition, there are various other shades of pink, which are known from tropical flowers. Especially in combination with white or beige, all these shades look charming. They can represent the skin color as well as be used for smaller accents and decorate your fingers in this way.

Bright colors


Things also get exotic with a mix of different bright and shiny colors, including neon ones. For example, yellow, green and pink go very well together and look very tropical. Whether you simply distribute them irregularly and patch-like on the nails or create interesting motifs for the nail design for vacation nails in the form of flowers or fruits, is up to you.

Combine colors


Of course, all these and other colors with the described can also be perfectly combined with each other. For example, a mix of pink and turquoise can look very Moroccan, which can even be enhanced with a matching pattern, whether painted freehand or designed with the help of stickers. A combination of purple and orange, in turn, is perfect for creating a summer sunset. The black silhouette of a palm tree adds the finishing touch to this pointed nail. Various shades of blue and turquoise, combined with white or beige again look Mediterranean and remind of Portuguese tile art, while purple, pink or coral and beige can create Italian flair. Blue tones and white, in turn, are known for Santorini and are therefore suitable as a symbol of Greece.

nageldesign für urlaubsnägel weiß-glitzer-orange-neon-palme

So, as you can see, certain color combinations can also be used to represent different countries or regions. You just have to find out about the respective characteristics beforehand. And if you have already vacationed in the respective country, it will be all the easier for you to find a suitable nail design for vacation nails. Just think about what you associate it with.