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My experience with Oceansapart? Mixed!

In 2017, the activewear label Oceansapart was founded, and since then it’s hard to imagine social media without the brand. On Instagram alone, you can find countless accounts whose owners advertise Oceansapart products, including discount codes. But can the parts really convince in the end? Our author has tried it out.

How can I put it differently: I am an advertising victim. Sounds stupid, but that’s how it is. As soon as the packaging is pretty, the product is well marketed or promoted by a celebrity or influencer, I’m always on board. It was the same with my sports pants from Oceansapart – a label that until recently you could hardly avoid if you were active on Instagram. Almost every second influencer advertised it, and there were also great discount promotions. Buy one item, get three. 40, 50, 60 percent. How could I say no? That’s right, not at all. The new label was also a topic of discussion among friends – so I wanted to make my own experience with Oceansapart.

My purchase at Oceansapart

At the next discount promotion I struck and ordered a pair of black sports pants. When it came to the size selection, it was one of those things. Sure, there is often a size guide online, but you still can’t be 100% sure. Since I had never ordered there before, I could only roughly estimate which size might fit. A good orientation in my opinion are influencers who indicate what size they wear and how big they are. Hoping that the pants would not be see-through in crucial places during training, I ordered my regular size. The purchase was quick and simple, the pants arrived after a few days.

Oceansapart pants
The sports pants that our author had ordered. What überzeugte, what not? Photo: Tikbow

Fit at Oceansapart

Sportswear for me must be light, breathable, form-fitting and beautiful. Also very important: They must be opaque during sports! And there I was not disappointed. The pants showed nothing, no matter how I moved. Size-wise, they unfortunately didn’t fit me so well: The pants were clearly too long – I’m 1.68 meters tall, so I’m about average for Germany. And they slipped here and there when jogging. And even though I generally like stretch, especially in sportswear, it was a bit too much for me in the end. Of course, I could have ordered another size smaller, but I decided against it, because the pressure of suffering was not big enough – The main thing is that the pants are not too small.

Quality and feel

I liked the feel of the sports tights right from the start. The pants feel good on the skin and are not too tight. The Oceansapart logo is printed below the knee, the catch: It löste itself after a short time, meanwhile only a small part übrig. I do not find that dramatic – I buy my clothes not so that you can see the logo, but because I like them. It’s still a shame, though.

Another minus point in my experience with Oceansapart is the fabric. Overall, I like it, but it is very susceptible to fluff and lint in my case. They remain stubbornly stuck, even after washing änt change. The only thing that helps is to pick off every single one. Probably in this case I have been an unlucky – a friend has the same model and the fabric is not nearly so anfällig. Otherwise, the pants did not change when washing and in everyday life: It is still jet black, the nähte hold.

Experience with Oceansapart –Price-Performance

In terms of price, Oceansapart’s pants rank among the major sports brands, with a minimum investment of 60 euros. If you then want to have a matching top or sports bra, it quickly comes über 100 euros. The price-performance ratio is right overall, but for me personally, the brand is a bit too expensive. But since there are always great discount promotions and codes, you always get the opportunity to save money.

Production and sustainability

Where does my clothing come from? How sustainable is it? How is it produced? These are questions we deal with more and more – especially when buying something from a brand for the first time. I admit, I didn’t do this with Oceansapart. One or the other might know it: When you repurchase something from an influencer or get inspiredäs, you often automatically assume that they have already dealt with it. And I also thought to myself: This will fit. In retrospect, the question of where Oceansapart produces its sports outfits, for example, unfortunately cannot be answered. The homepage simply states that the brand has its production facilities in various locations around the world. It is emphasized that all suppliers without exception are committed to humane and fair working conditions. Where exactly the things come from is not revealed.

Instead, the brand is trying to ruffle feathers with persistent criticism. Last year, there were accusations of greenwashing against Oceansapart – this refers to campaigns and PR actions that make it appear that the entire company is acting sustainably, environmentally friendly or ethically correct. Oceansapart was accused of using false seals and thus deceiving buyers. The company deals openly with the criticism and explains itself on its website. Although it denies that false seals were used, Oceansapart admits to having communicated incorrectly. The BSCI standard only refers to the suppliers and not to the entire company.

My conclusion

To be honest, my experience with Oceansapart was not ideal. Everything went well with the order, but the product – did not convince me one hundred percent. I was probably just unlucky – at friends of mine sa;en the parts as desired. I am therefore quite sure that I would order again from Oceansapart – if only to have more luck next time. Spätestens with the next discount code I’m back so