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Makeover at GNTM 2022 – three blatant hairstyle changes in check.

In episode six, the dreaded restyling was on the agenda for eight of the candidates at GNTM, it was bleached, cut and colored. The result? For three of the top model candidates, the changes were particularly extreme – one of them even got green hair! Tikbow does the before and after check and takes a closer look at the new looks of Vanessa, Sophie and Vivien.

The makeover of Vanessa

In every restyling episode of GNTM there is a candidate who gets a particularly blatant hairstyle change. This year, Heidi’s choice fell on Vanessa: The 20-year-old had to say goodbye in episode six to her natural look with chest-length, brünice hair. Her new style: a sweet petit bob with baby bangs in bright green! A real statement look and a blatant change for the aspiring model, who was anything but thrilled during the makeover process. I was freaking out inside,” she said in the show. In the meantime, however, she is grateful for the stark change, as Vanessa revealed on her official GNTM Instagram account.

The makeover of Sophie

With her self-confident manner, Sophie is one of those GNTM candidates who get a lot of airtime this season. So it was hardly surprising that Heidi had come up with something very special for her makeover: Sophie’s golden blonde mane of curls was quickly transformed into a dark Snow White look, including waist-length extensions. A hair change that actually took quite some time, after all, the color change from light to dark required an intermediate red step. In the end, the 18-year-old was happy with a beautiful, even mocha shade. Sophie’s comment under the GNTM post, which shows her with restyled hairstyle: "we love"!

The restyling of Vivien

Actually, GNTM contestant Vivien has become only a few shades blonder during her makeover – the effect of her type change was nevertheless stark. The 21-year-old came to L.A. with waist-length, dark blonde hair and left Heidi’s makeover salon with an evenly blond platinum mane and a certain ice queen vibe. A real wow look!