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Which make-up suits gray hair? This is how to do your make-up right from 50!

From the age of 50, the skin and hair change. When the mane slowly turns gray, then you have to find an appropriate hairstyle and makeup appropriate for your age. But which make-up actually suits gray hair? We have compiled the best tips.

What makeup goes with gray hair? Tips for mature skin

gray hair from 50 how to make up

More and more women are choosing to let their gray hair grow out. Gray hair is ultimately trendy at the moment. But at the same time, people are then afraid that the gray mane will age the face. Especially if you already have some wrinkles at 50 and the complexion also changes during menopause. In any case, one thing is certain – what looked good at 30 and still fit to some extent at 40, is no longer flattering at 50.

These shades make the skin glow

gray hair and suitable make up ideas

When hair turns gray, it will absolutely affect the complexion as well. Foundation alone is not enough to make mature skin glow again. This is where highlighters and blush come into play. Warm colors such as caramel, pink, gold and peach provide a vital complexion. Apply blush to the cheeks, chin or nose.

It is also important to choose the primer and foundation to match the skin tone . It is best to use a lighter primer and completely avoid powder. The product settles in the fine lines and emphasizes them even more.

Our tip: After 50, the skin needs a lot of moisture. So products that have a creamy consistency are better. If you apply day cream, then you should do it at least half an hour before putting on makeup. Otherwise, the foundation may blur.

Perfectly shaped and colored eyebrows are an absolute must after 50

make up tips for gray hair ideas for colors

When it comes to highlighting facial features, eyebrows can do wonders. Regular care refers not only to plucking, but also – if there are already gray hairs – coloring the eyebrows. For this purpose, the perfect eyebrow powder, which is applied with a brush. You should be very careful – the eyebrow color should not be too different from the hair color.

Conceal drooping eyelids and emphasize eyes

Make up ideas for women over 50 with gray hair (1)

Drooping eyelids can be concealed perfectly with warm, muted colors that look natural. Wear a dark shade in the crease of the eyelid to make the eye look larger. Choose eye shadows with subtle glitter, they make the skin shine. Matte shades, on the other hand, can make you look older. As for the eyeliner, black can visually reduce the eyes. That’s why from 50 you take either dark blue – for blue and green eyes or brown – for green and brown eyes. Brown mascara can also subtly emphasize the eyes and effectively round off the make-up in this area.

What makeup to gray hair: Make up the lips correctly

which make up suits gray hair

The basic rule when applying make-up is: either emphasize the eyes or the lips. If you do both at the same time, the make-up can look unnatural, almost like a mask. So either subtly emphasize the lips with lip gloss or go for a lipstick in a strong, warm shade. Again – use products that conjure up light reflections. Matte lipsticks emphasize lip wrinkles and dry out the skin.

Common make-up mistakes from 50: What doesn’t go with gray hair?

which make up for gray hair and glasses

1. contouring still looks very nice at 30 and can emphasize the facial features. However, if you have mature skin, you should avoid using too many products. Because they often settle in the wrinkles. Primer and foundation are completely sufficient to make the skin more radiant. In addition, blush – in no case should you forget blush – can improve the complexion.

2. too much glitter: many make-up products for mature skin contain fine glitter particles, which should make the face shine. However, if you wear too much of a good thing, then you can have the opposite effect: the wrinkles reflect and are additionally emphasized instead of concealed. Glitter on the cheekbones or under the eyebrows look great.

3. use the wrong color palette: light shades are beneficial and make the look more expressive and the lips appear fuller . Warm shades are always preferable to cool colors.

4. color the eyebrows too dark: Gray hair and gray eyebrows somehow make the face look lifeless and sallow. So, if you don’t want to dye your hair anymore, you should at least dye your eyebrows. However, it is also in this case: do not overdo it. If they are too dark, then they look artificial and the face – like a mask.

5. do not apply lipstick: dark lipsticks, especially if they have a creamy consistency, can be easily smeared. To avoid this, always apply a lipstick (tone-on-tone with the lipstick color). By the way, women over 50 look particularly good in pink or rose shades. Dark red or fiery red tones can also conjure up more fullness.