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Which lipstick from 60? Simple makeup tips for a younger and modern look

Lipstick is one of the fastest ways to change your look. More importantly, the older you get, the more color you need. Are you no longer sure you’re still using the right shade? However, as you age, your lips become thinner and lines can form around your mouth. If you usually apply the same barely-there shade, it’s time to spice up the color. So which is the best lipstick for ages 60 and up?

How should you take care of your lips?

The right lip care for wrinkled lips from 60

When you are looking for a lipstick, there are two important things to consider: Color and texture. The color should match your skin tone and the texture needs to feel comfortable on your lips and not bleed into the surrounding skin or fine lines.

If you find that your lips tend to be dry and your lipstick constantly runs, make sure you use lipsticks with a creamy texture or tinted lip balms.

To maintain a fresh look, stick to a quality lip care routine. A lip balm that contains ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E works wonders to keep lips soft and supple. A good lip care routine can help make lips look fuller, something most mature women want.

Lipstick for 60+: what are the best colors?

We have compiled the best colors for older women and we present them to you. Enjoy perfect lips, regardless of your age or skin type!

With a pink lipstick you are always on the right track

Look beautiful with a pink lipstick over 60

A moisturizing pink or coral shade with a medium tint is universally flattering for mature lips and will keep your lips looking fresh and vibrant without looking overbearing.

Generally, cooler pink tones suit lighter skin, while warmer pink tones suit darker skin better. So if you are fair skinned, consider pinks and light corals and stay away from browns. Those with medium skin tones can go a little darker. So you can try pink, mauve and berry shades. The dark skinned women look great in red, brown and dark plum.

When can you choose lipstick in neutral tones from 60?

Nude or neutral lipstick is also a possible choice for women over 60

A good lipstick for an older woman can have neutral undertones that enhance her natural lip and skin tones. Soft nude tones and more natural lip colors can make aging lips look younger because they can give the illusion of a pout.

However, these colors are difficult to wear because lipsticks in nude tones can wash out the lips, or worse, make them blend with the cheeks and chin. When it comes to neutrals and nude shades, it’s always better to choose a shade that is just a little darker than your natural lip color.

What lipstick from 60? The dark colors are not forbidden after all

Dark lipstick colors you can also wear over 60

Do you think that bold or dark lipsticks from 60 are not suitable for you? Then think again.

As long as you choose the right shade (depending on your skin tone) and your lips are not too narrow, which would make a dark color make you look severe, you can wear bolder colors.

Bright bold shades are especially stunning if you wear glasses, as a bold lip can offset the heaviness of some frames. Just remember to tone down your eye makeup and blush if you have emphasized your lips.

What can you do about wrinkled lips?

Tips on how to properly make up your lips

Do you have wrinkled lips? If so, avoid matte or shimmery shades, as they will only accentuate the lines. Instead, try the same color in a creamy formulation or a moisturizing transparent texture. And another reason to avoid matte lipsticks for more mature lips is that they can dry out and aggravate wrinkles.

A thin layer of face primer on dry lips will also keep your lipstick fresh and bold all day, and prevent it from seeping into the fine lines around the mouth.

A gloss finish or lip oil can also temporarily “plump up” lips and keep you looking great for the day. In the evening, however, dab a touch in the center of your lips over your lipstick to make lips appear fuller and poutier, and to add a subtle sheen. Lip gloss tends to slip, however, and can settle into any lines around the lips. And if you have long hair and wear it down, it can be annoying if your strands are constantly sticking to your glossy lips.

How to make your lips look fuller

Can you make your lips look fuller with makeup

One of the biggest challenges for women over 60 is making their lips look fuller. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help you do just that:

  • Choose a lipstick with pink undertones and avoid lipsticks that are either too light or too dark.
  • Apply a lip liner first before using lipstick to give your lips more definition and shape.
  • Choose a lip filler for fuller looking lips. Apply it first as a base layer and then the lipstick color on top.
  • Add a touch of gloss to finish.