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Wedding planned? 5 tips, for the perfect bridal makeup

If things go well, you only get married once in your life – so the make-up for the big day should be right on the money before you spend years afterwards fretting about the less than favorable wedding photos. But what to look for in bridal makeup and how to make sure the look lasts all day long? Tikbow has 5 tips!

This much in advance: There are no rules set in stone like “no bright colors” or “just not so unnatural” when it comes to bridal make-up. Allowed is what pleases and with which you feel comfortable. And if that means gaudy eye shadow colors and XXL fake lashes, then that’s absolutely okay! Nevertheless, there are some tips that are worth keeping in mind.

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1. glow slows matte

For a long time, the motto in makeup was: the more matte, the better! In the meantime, however, the matte look has become quite outdated, and that’s a good thing. Especially in photos, a carefully mattified face quickly appears very unnatural and one-dimensional. It is therefore better to give the face a little more structure with highlighter, concealer and contour powder. It doesn’t have to be the full-face contouring look, just a little shimmer powder on the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and above the lip is enough to give the face more space. Also helpful are light foundations with a natural silky finish instead of matte full coverage products. The T-zone can and should still be powdered, if only so that the makeup lasts longer. However, the powder should not be too much, less is more here. So that it doesn’t look too plastered, it makes sense to use loose transparent powder. We guarantee: In photos, the style with the soft glow looks much fresher and more beautiful than a matte make-up.

2. rely on waterproof formulations

At weddings, tears and sweat are inevitable, so the makeup has to withstand a lot, and waterproof formulations are a must. This is not limited to mascara, by the way; foundation, eyeshadow and eyeliner should also be chosen in the ultra-durable version to be on the safe side. There are also special sports product lines that are designed to withstand even a strenuous workout with lots of sweat – for a wedding certainly not a bad choice.

3. do not forget primer and fixing spray!

The make-up primer is applied to the entire face after the moisturizer and before the foundation and ensures that the make-up spreads better and stays in place longer. At the same time, it smoothes the skin and prepares it for all subsequent products. The whole thing is also available as an eyeshadow base with the same effect. The desired makeup is then applied on top of it, and the final step is to set it! This can be done with setting powder, which is applied to the T-zone with a brush, or with fixing spray, which is sprayed over the entire make-up. The effect: The make-up hält and hält and hält, from a "Cakey"-effekt no trace.

4. the bridal make-up photo test

It doesn’t matter whether you do your own makeup for your wedding or have it done by a professional. In any case, the makeup look for the big day should be tried out in advance and found to be good. And very important: you should photograph the make-up beforehand with flash. Some powders cause an unsightly white flashback on pictures, which cannot be seen directly without a camera lens. With the photo test, a bad surprise can be avoided afterwards. In any case, it makes sense to check beforehand whether you really like the bridal makeup you want to wear in the photos; after all, the pictures can accompany you for a lifetime.

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5. stay true to yourself with bridal make-up

The most important point last: it makes überhaupt no sense to pretend at your own wedding. The bridal make-up serves to emphasize the advantages, but you should not visually transform yourself into a different person for a day. If you are otherwise more the natural type and wear little makeup, then please do the same at your wedding. For example, set only a few accents, such as with a light foundation, some blush, a shimmering eye shadow, mascara and a light gloss on the lips. Conversely, this also applies to all those who like to wear a lot of makeup. Whether red lips, fake lashes or colorful eyeliner – there are no no-go’s when it comes to bridal makeup.