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TOP 5 most common makeup mistakes that make you look older and helpful makeup tips for older women!

All women want to look fresh and youthful – that’s clear. Concealer, foundation, powder, eye shadow and co. – what we don’t smear everything on our faces to achieve this. After all, make-up is an excellent way to emphasize our assets and conceal small blemishes. However, in addition to the appropriate outfits and hairstyles for older women, we also need to change our beauty routine as the years go by. Misapplied, makeup can unfortunately quickly backfire and make us look older than we actually are. But that’s finally an end to it! What are the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older and how can you avoid them? The answers to this, as well as great makeup tips for older women, we’ll explain right now in our article!

These are the most common makeup mistakes that make older

Make up from 50 tips make up mistakes that make older

Before we get into the makeup mistakes that make older, we want to make one thing clear. Whether we are 30, 40 or 50 years old, beauty does not depend on our date of birth and every woman should be proud of her age. Just because we’ve gotten older doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style. With the right makeup, we can successfully conceal small flaws and perfectly show off our assets. But to achieve this, you have to know how to do it right. We have looked around for you and summarized the most common makeup mistakes that you should rather avoid.

Eyeliner that is too dark

Eye makeup for women over 50 makeup mistakes that make older

A black eyeliner is an absolute classic among beauty looks and undoubtedly provides a dramatic and eye-catching effect. However, there is much more to life than a black eyeliner and the dark shade makes our eyes look even smaller. Especially if you want to conceal drooping eyelids, you should rather do without the black eyeliner. It also accentuates dark circles under the eyes and as a result, we look old and tired. Instead, reach for a soft brown or choose a shade that perfectly highlights your green eyes, for example. Eyeliner on the lower edge of the eyelid is also one of the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older. As the years go by, the skin under your eyes becomes thinner and sallower than the rest of your face anyway – so why add to that impression? For a flattering look, it’s best to draw a thin eyeliner along the upper lash line.

You don’t use a makeup primer

makeup for eyes from 50 tips makeup mistakes that make older

Before you even get to makeup, you need to get the base right first. While a concealer, mascara and lipstick were perfectly adequate for a fresh look in our 30s, this just doesn’t cut it later in life. And if you’re relying solely on concealer to do all the work, it’s time to change up your beauty routine. A makeup primer creates a protective film over the skin and ensures an even complexion. After spending 30 minutes in front of mirrors, we want our makeup to last as long as possible and a makeup primer is essential for that. One of the biggest benefits of makeup primer for older women is that it fills in small wrinkles and lines, so we use less foundation. It’s best to reach for products that are based on skin-friendly ingredients and are free of parabens. For the most natural result and to stimulate blood circulation in the skin, it is best to apply makeup foundation with your fingertips.

Make-up mistakes that make you look older: you use powder eye shadow

which eye shadow for women over 50 make-up mistakes that make older

Okay, we know – powder eye shadow is what you’ve always used. It’s just all you know and all you need – or so you think. However, using powder eyeshadow is actually one of the biggest makeup mistakes that make you look older. As we age, our skin becomes much softer and powder eye shadows settle right in the little wrinkles we’d rather conceal. To make up your eyes as you age and accentuate them skillfully, it’s best to choose cream eye shadows. They moisturize the skin and are also much faster and easier to apply. As far as the choice of colors is concerned, you should also avoid darker and glittery eye shadows. As already mentioned, dark colors make our eyes look visually smaller and create a lazy look. Lighter shades, such as beige or light brown, are all the rage this fall and ideal for cheating a few years away with our makeup.

Which lipstick for older women?

which lipstick for women from 50 make-up mistakes that make older

Sure, a red lipstick is a timeless classic in the fashion world and matte lipsticks in dark shades are totally in during the cooler months. However, with age, not only our skin becomes slacker, but also our lips lose some of their fullness. And as you know from fashion, darker shades make us look slimmer, while lighter colors, on the other hand, make us look bulky. This principle applies not only to our outfits, but also to lipstick. A dark lipstick makes the mouth look much narrower and doesn’t look as flattering after a certain age. Glossy lipsticks in soft peach shades or nude tones are a much better alternative and provide a fresh look.

Thin eyebrows as one of the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older

Eyebrow shaping from 50 makeup mistakes that make older

Beautifully shaped eyebrows add expression and contour to our face and have the power to show off our facial features to their best advantage. For a flattering and youthful appearance, the right eyebrow shape also plays a very important role. In case you haven’t noticed and are still diligently plucking way too much: full and bushy eyebrows have been all the rage for years. While thick eyebrows are the epitome of youthfulness, thin brows are one of the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older. A brow gel or brow pencil are ideal for quickly adding fullness to the brows.

Make-up mistakes that make older which lipstick makes younger