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Tired eyes away makeup: With these helpful tricks make your eyes more awake and bigger!

When life gets in our way, sleep is sometimes the first thing to suffer. Days of sleep deprivation mean that our skin looks anything but fresh in the morning. An extra-large coffee may perk you up, but those dark circles under your eyes are an unmistakable sign. Luckily, there are a few makeup hacks that can help you fake a restful night’s sleep, and we’re here to give you the top tips. We’ll tell you how to make up away tired eyes here!

Tired eyes awake make-up – swing your eyelashes

Make up tired eyes awake - swing your eyelashes

If you’re one of those women who has to hit the snooze button a few times every morning before finally getting out of bed, this quick trick for bright, fresh-looking eyes is for you. When our eyelashes are erect and curved, our eyes look open and awake (even if they’re not). To cure tired eyes, use the eyelash curler. Then apply a coat of lengthening and volumizing mascara for an instant “this is how I woke up” result.

Make up away tired eyes – Take care of your eyebrows.

Tired eyes make-up away - Take care of your eyebrows

One of the best ways to make everyone think you turned off the lights long before midnight is to have defined and contoured eyebrows. Full brows not only lift your eyelids and give you a radiant look, but they also distract from dark circles under your eyes. First, brush your brows upward to achieve the desired shape. Then fill in your brows with your favorite pencil or powder in short, feathery strokes.

Make eyes look fresh with color correction

Color corrector for dark circles

This is by far the most important tip: when it comes to dark circles under your eyes, covering them with concealer is often not enough – the purple circles will probably always show through. Moreover, if you apply a thick layer of concealer, you run the risk of making your face look flat and two-dimensional. The best thing you can do to combat dark circles under your eyes is to apply a Color Corrector before applying concealer.

Purple tones are offset by peachy tones. If you dab a peach colored Color Corrector on the dark circles and then apply concealer over it, you can make sure that the dark circles are well covered throughout the day.

Apply concealer correctly

Make eyes look fresh with color correction and concealer

When you apply Color Corrector properly, you don’t have to just apply as much concealer as you can. Under-eye concealer works best when it doesn’t extend to the lower lash line. Instead, apply concealer along the darkest part of your dark circles (this usually extends in a quarter circle from the inner corner of your eye down) and dab and blend with your ring finger. If you apply concealer too close to the lower lash line, you risk making your makeup look unnatural and flat.

Make-up tips for tired, blue or dark eyes: Switch to a nude-colored eyeliner

Make-up tips for tired, blue or dark eyes - Switch to a nude colored eyeliner

If you’re feeling tired and your eyes are showing it, it’s important to reach for makeup products that provide a radiant look. Dark eyeliners and eye shadows can make tired eyes look heavier and smaller, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach for eyeliners at all. One of the biggest tricks makeup artists use to enlarge and brighten the eye area is to apply a nude-colored eyeliner on the lower waterline. It also helps lighten the whites of your eyes, giving the illusion of a bigger and brighter look.

Tired eyes makeup away – tactical highlight application.

This is simply the most eye-brightening technique out there. The trick is to apply a small amount of luminous highlighter to the inner corner of the eye and the outer edge of the brow bone, just below the brow itself. The light-reflecting properties of the highlighter create the illusion of brightness, opening the eyes and counteracting any hint of tiredness.

Don’t forget blush

Don't forget blush

Nothing distracts the shadows under your eyes like a splash of color. When choosing blush, opt for a pinkish hue. Blush not only elevates your makeup to a whole new level, but it also makes you look fresh and awake. It’s like a shot of coffee, but for your skin. We recommend that you avoid orange shades, as they can make you look even more tired.

Light lips are also important

Tired eyes makeup away - Make your eyes look more awake and bigger with these helpful tricks

Myth: Dark, vampy lips distract from your tired complexion and draw attention to yourself.

Fact: Dark lip colors can age your face and draw attention to the dark circles that have formed under your eyes. Opt for a lipstick that is a few shades pinker than your natural lip color for a natural, rested, fresh-looking face. Likewise, a touch of glossy lip gloss over your lipstick can create the illusion of a more youthful, fresh look. Add a natural lip color with a touch of coconut lip balm and you’re done.