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These are the top 4 winter 2021 makeup trends you need to know!

Fall will soon be over and winter is just around the corner. The start of a new season is always a great opportunity to freshen up our looks a bit. And as it gets drearier and colder outside, it’s high time for some colorful and chic makeup! Whether bright lips, neon eyeshadows or prefer natural and subtle – the makeup trends in winter 2021 are anything but boring and the wide selection is guaranteed to offer something for everyone! Ready to add some variety to your makeup routine? Then read on to find out what’s hot in the coming months.

Make-up trends winter 2021: Neon eye shadows are totally en vogue

Apply neon eye shadow Make Up Trends Fall 2021

In times when the face mask has become our constant companion, it’s no surprise that the focus of makeup trends in winter 2021 is clearly on the eyes. If you want to make a statement with your look, neon eyeshadows would be the way to go. The bright colors are a real eye-catcher, bringing good mood and more color at the same time.

Neon eye shadow eye makeup trends fall 2021

Whether pink, blue, purple or even green – the color palette is huge and guaranteed to invite you to experiment. When it comes to make-up, the rule is: less is more. Your eyes are already striking enough and so that the look does not look too cluttered, you should keep the rest rather natural.

Glowing lips

red lipstick make up trends fall 2021

Have your lipsticks also caught some dust in the last few months? Then it’s high time to get some new ones! Despite face masks, bright lipstick colors are among the most important makeup trends in winter 2021! And no, we don’t mean the classic dark berry shades. This season, bright shades are clearly in the spotlight, giving our look a fresh update. Whether matte, subtly shimmering or beautifully shiny – anything you like is allowed. One timeless classic in particular is making a big comeback in winter 2021, and that’s bright red. And the best part? The bright shade of red simply suits everyone and puts you in a good mood during the cold season. To draw full attention to your lips, keep the rest of your look as natural as possible.

Statement blush as one of the most important makeup trends in winter 2021.

Make Up Trends Fall 2021 How to Wear Red Lipstick

By November at the latest, our summer complexion slowly but surely begins to say goodbye. How could we counteract this? With blush, of course, and lots of it. Because when it comes to makeup trends for winter 2021, we’re allowed to experiment a little more and make our cheekbones really shine. Statement blush is the name of the extravagant look that will bring some freshness to your face this season. A touch of blush has a timeless appeal and always looks good, but in the coming months we can apply it a little thicker and not blend it so perfectly. The motto is undoubtedly: more is more! Orange and pink nuances are very popular and conjure up a little vacation feeling on the face. Whether you use cream or powder for this is purely a matter of taste.

The no-makeup look remains on trend

Make Up Trends Fall 2021 How to Wear Red Lipstick

And after all the flashy looks, we have the perfect makeup trend in winter 2021 for all those who prefer it simple and inconspicuous. Naturalness remains the order of the day this season, and you can’t really go wrong with it. The magic word: minimalism. Give your skin a little break and do without foundation, mascara and co. every now and then. The natural look was seen everywhere on the catwalks and sets a sign in the direction of more self-love and acceptance. Small "blemishes" are therefore no longer concealed, but worn with pride. You feel uncomfortable without any make-up? Then instead of strong covering foundations, rather rely on BB or CC creams with a touch of opacity.

Statement blush make up makeup trends fall 2021