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The most common mistakes when buying lipstick – and how to do it better

The product range of lipsticks in perfumeries and drugstores is gigantic, the choice is often difficult and at home the lipstick looks completely different than expected. But there are simple tips that can help you avoid buying the wrong lipstick.

Typical lipstick mistake: the wrong color

Make-up looks particularly natural when it matches the skin tone. The most common mistake when buying lipstick is choosing the right color. This is because not every tone flatters the lips. Dark reds can make the lips look narrower, for example, and sometimes even harsher.

Neglecting the blue component in lipstick

If you are looking for an optical freshness kick and have a light skin tone, you won’t make any mistakes with a lipstick with a high blue content, which tends more towards pink and light pink. Together with a gloss, this lip color looks especially beautiful in summer.

Effect on the teeth

Blue-tinted shades can also make the teeth appear a little brighter. Darker skin types, on the other hand, can go for warm tones with a slight yellow tint.

How to determine the skin type?

A lipstick is perfect if it suits you completely without makeup, i.e. if it matches your natural complexion. A little trick: put silver and gold jewelry on your skin. Which tone harmonizes better with your complexion? If silver suits you, you are a cool skin type who should go for red to pink colored shades. If gold suits you better, you are a warm skin type who can wear lipstick colors like orange or bright red especially well.