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The most beautiful nail polish colors for late summer

In summer, the colors become fresher not only in the outfits, but also on the fingernails and toenails. Coral, terracotta or beige after all? The Tikbow editors reveal their favorite nail polish colors for the warm days.

Pastel blue

Recommended by Katharina Kunath, Editor Tikbow
For many years, I gave the nail polish color blue a wide berth. Since pastel colors are in vogue, I see again and again beautiful light blue. I bought my absolute favorite from a friend: a very soft, but quite striking pastel blue from Manhattan in the color 950 Feeling Fly (8 ml/approx. 3 euros). The varnish looks particularly good with light linen pants and airy white summer blouses.


Recommended by Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
I am not a fan of dark or too gaudy nail polish colors, my current favorite is the perfect compromise between subtle and flashy: soft lilac. The color looks fresh, but is not too intrusive and also harmonizes with my pale skin tone. I prefer to use Rival de Loop "Ultra Gel Nail Colour 17" (10.5 ml/approx. 2 euros).

Nail polish color coral

Recommended by Daniela, Editor Tikbow
In summer, I like coral on my nails, such as "Meet me at the beach" by Anny (15 ml/approx. 10 euros). The color is fresh, shines even more on sun-baked skin and simply puts you in a good mood.

White and terracotta

Recommended by Laura, editor myHOMEBOOK
On my feet, I prefer to wear white or terracotta in the summer. Both couldn’t be more different, but for me they are the ultimate summer colors. I usually cover them with a matting top coat. Then the color lasts forever and always looks fresh, summery and beautiful even in open sandals and pumps.

Nail polish color crisp apricot

Recommended by Angelika, editor TRAVELBOOK
I like this year on my feet a shade of Essie, which has the beautiful sounding name "Meet me at sunset" (13.5 ml/approx. 8 euros). I would describe him as a mixture between red and apricot – definitely an eye-catcher and very summery. Since I’m mainly into black and muted colors when it comes to clothing, the nail polish also sets a nice accent.

Brown and beige

Recommended by Anna, Editor FITBOOK
In summer I like to wear light brown and dark beige on my nails. It goes nicely with brushed skin and doesn’t get in the way of the bold clothing colors I love in the summer. "Particulière" by Chanel (13 ml/approx. 25.29 euros) is my favorite this season. On the toes, wine red has secured a firm place with me around the year.