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The 3 best blushes selected by the editors

With blush, women can set the scene for their cheeks and conjure up freshness in their faces. The color palette ranges from cool violet nudes to pink, red and orange – depending on the effect you want to achieve. The Tikbow editors reveal their three favorite products.

"Lip + Cheek"-Rouge from Milk Makeup

Recommended by Daniela, Editorial Director Tikbow
I like creamy blush and have "Lip + Cheek" in the color plant of Milk Makeup (28 g, about 12 euros) für me discovered. This comes in a large stick and can be applied so wonderfully on the cheeks. Then rub briefly with the fingers or a makeup sponge and the complexion looks slightly rosy. While the blush blends naturally on my skin, I would not recommend the 2:1 product for the lips. It tends to dry mine out.

Rouge Powder from Rival de Loop

Recommended by Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
When it comes to blush, I prefer to apply it thickly. For some time now, I have been using the "Rouge Powder" from Rossmann’s inexpensive brand Rival de Loop (4.5g/approx. 2 euros) in the color "Rosewood." With the powder blush, it’s not just the price that’s right, but also the effect: The powder can be easily blended and lasts all day without looking blotchy. The light rosewood shade does not look too much even on very fair skin, so it is also very easy to strengthen the contour with the blush.

Mac "Glow Play Blush"

Recommended by Alina, photo editor
I’ve been using my favorite blush since summer 2020: the Mac "Glow Play Blush" (7,3g/approx. 31 Euro) in the color "So Natural." The shade is super natural, builds up well, but never looks too overbearing. The cream blush goes well with both fair and slightly bronzed skin and is very easy to apply with your fingers.