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Summer make-up for women over 50 (incl. instructions): Make-up for everyday life and special occasions made easy

Just summer complexion, radiant skin, expressive eyes and beautiful lips: This is what every woman wants, regardless of age. Even at 50, you can highlight your assets without having to virtually paint on a new face. We explain how you can conjure up a quick and uncomplicated summer make-up. Whether discreet for everyday life or something more striking for special occasions: here come two make-up instructions with beauty tips for the warm season!

Summer make-up for women over 50: This is what you should consider when applying make-up

Summer make up ideas for women over 50 for everyday and special occasions

A mature skin from 50 can prove to be a challenge for many women. In this case, one should not only change one’s care routine, but also include new make-up products in the beauty routine. In doing so, several mistakes are often made:

  1. Applying too much concealer, primer and foundation to conceal small blemishes. Actually, this has the opposite effect: instead of hiding the wrinkles, they are actually emphasized by the many products.
  2. Especially in summer, you should also avoid highly opaque products. Powder is also a bad choice, because the product collects in the wrinkles. Especially in the warm season, the skin should be able to breathe. So you’d better go for lightly covering cosmetic products.
  3. Half an hour before applying makeup be sure to apply sunscreen so that it can be absorbed.

Make-up from 50: Instructions for discreet make-up in summer

Everyday make up from 50 in summer make up idea

In the following, we explain step by step how to apply discreet make-up in everyday life. The make-up should look as natural as possible and subtly emphasize the assets. So choose a color palette that goes well with your complexion, hair and eye color.

Apply moisturizer, sunscreen and primer.

Summer make up ideas for women over 50 for mature skin

Massage in the moisturizer (you can also use anti-aging serum). Then wait for about half an hour and apply the sunscreen. Again wait half an hour and then you can start with the primer . Choose a product with a light coverage. You can apply it with your fingers as well as with a sponge.

Summer make-up from 50: Use liquid foundation

mature skin in summer correct make up instructions

A liquid foundation offers many advantages: it can be applied quickly and easily and does not settle in the wrinkles. In addition, thanks to its good coverage, this foundation can conceal spots and blemishes and the face still looks natural.

With a concealer, you can additionally lighten the skin a little and cover redness, if desired. The product is blended with a special make-up brush.

Summer make-up from 50: conceal bags, emphasize the eyes

blue eyes in summer make up make up ideas

The next step is to emphasize the eyes and conceal the drooping lids. For this purpose, first choose light eye shadows, preferably in nude shades, which you apply to the upper lid and spread evenly with a brush. Then choose a darker shade, with which you can additionally define the eyes. Finally, apply the lightest shade from the color palette directly under the eyebrows. You can apply the mascara at the end – it is best to use waterproof mascara.

Make up the eyebrows correctly

Conceal drooping eyelids and make up eyebrows correctly

For the eyebrows, you need a comb with which you can bring the fine hairs into the desired shape, and an eyebrow pencil – preferably tone-in-tone with the eyebrows.

Summer make-up from 50: make up drooping corners of the mouth

Summer make up from 50 two make up instructions

Choose a lipstick in pink shade. Do not apply it in the corners of the mouth and make up the lower lip a little smaller to conceal the drooping corners of the mouth.

Summer make-up from 50: Make-up idea for the evening

Make up from 50 for special occasions for women with blue eyes (1)

In the evening, the make-up may be a little more striking. Choose eye shadow with shimmering particles to make the eyes look bigger. Bold lips – for example, in a strong nuance – fit perfectly with the concept. It looks best if the lipstick picks up an accent color from the clothes.

In the evening, experiments are allowed – for example, you can make up cat eyes to conceal sagging drooping eyelids. Eyebrows also need more care. While during the day you often use a brown mascara, in the evening you can emphasize the eyelashes with black mascara.

Make up drooping eyelids from 50 and apply lipstick corners of the mouth

Go for waterproof cosmetic products so that the evening makeup really lasts for hours. You can also fix the make-up with a special spray. If you sweat a lot, then you should bring a sponge and dab the face regularly.

Correct make up from 50 for the summer tips

A summer makeup should look natural, last long and above all be able to conceal wrinkles, redness and other blemishes. You should use waterproof products, choose natural shades and take your time when applying makeup. Because sun protection and skin care are essential in the summer.