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Simple tricks for crumbling eye shadow

Eye shadow crumbles and is everywhere but on your eyes? With our simple tricks you can prevent the big smear!

When applying eyeshadow, it often runs off in the form of color particles. Darker shades in particular tend to stick to the underside of the lash line. This looks unsightly – and if you try to remove them, the color smears.

Tricks with which the eyeshadow does not bröselt

Eyeshadow burn can be avoided by not moving the brush too much when picking up the color from the palette or the bottle, advises make-up artist Patrick Maldinger from Berlin, "this means that there is less eyeshadow on the brush, which can burn during application. " The expert advises instead to pick up the eyeshadow gently only with the flat side of the brush and then carefully place it on the eyelid. "You should avoid hectic movements during application." The right brush is also important. For eyeshadow in powder form, a soft, round brush with short hair is best.  

Products that additionally help with eyeshadow bröseln

If the makeup still does not work, you can stick pads under the eyes, which catch the color particles. These are then simply removed carefully from the skin after the eye make-up has been successfully applied. An eye shadow primer can also help to fix the color molecules of powder eye shadow. To do this, apply a small amount of primer to the eyelid and then dab on the eyeshadow.

If you have a rather dry eye area, it is also advisable to use cream eye shadow, which is less crinkly due to its moist texture alone. Soft eyeshadow pencils, which are used like a channel, can also help. Fixing spray, which is applied over the make-up in the last step, helps to keep the eye shadow in place throughout the day. And what if you need to change your makeup on the go? A small bottle of makeup remover and a few cotton swabs in your handbag will help minimize the damage.