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Puppy eyeliner, foxy eyes – the make-up trends for summer

The make-up focus is still – thanks to the mask – more than ever on the eye area. Accordingly, eye make-up can also be striking this summer. But which styles are particularly trendy and how are they made up? Tikbow checks out the make-up trends – from graphic eyeliner to foxy eyes.

Makeup trend statement eyeliner

While eye make-up was relatively discreet in previous years, it can now be applied really thickly. So it’s no wonder that eyeliner is at the top of the list of make-up trends for the summer. But this doesn’t just mean eyeliner in its classic form – black and with a wing. The new eyeliner styles are much more extravagant and special.

Graphic Eyeliner

Woman with eyeliner
Graphic Eyeliner ist auf jeden Fall ein Hingucker – und alles andere als einfach zu schminken.Photo: Getty Images

Many already despair when trying to draw a normal eyeliner with Wing – but this eyeliner trend is the Königsdisziplin. Makeup professionals on Instagram are now painting graphic shapes on their eyelids. Usually, the eyeliner wing is continued around the eyelid, so that almost the impression of a new eyelid crease is created. In principle, any abstract eyeliner shape is possible, from flame patterns to triangles. In order for this to look really good and symmetrical in the end, however, it needs a lot of &ndash.

Makeup trend Puppy eyeliner

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It’s a bit easier with this eyeliner trend, which is currently going through the roof on Pinterest: for the Puppy look, the wing is not drawn upwards, but rather points slightly downwards. The eyeliner technique from Korea is supposed to make the eyes look bigger and the entire look cuter – hence the name Puppy Eyes.

Colorful eyeliner

Woman with the make-up trend colorful eyeliner
Tired of the classic eyeliner? Then switch to pops of color now!

When it comes to eyeliner color, things can get a little more extravagant now, too: Eyeliners in blue, red, neon yellow or even orange are very popular. They are mainly applied in a classic way: in a thin line across the eyelid and with a small wing. In this way, colored eyeliners give everyday makeup a whole new twist. If you like it a bit more flashy, draw an eyeliner üover the entire width of the eyelid and thus replace the eye shadow:

Make-up trend Foxy Eyes

In addition to "Puppy Eyeliner" the so-called Foxy Eyes also remain popular on Instagram and TikTok. These are more or less the new cat eye, only in a somewhat softer version. In terms of color and shape, the eyes of the eponymous wild animal are used as a model, with brown and black eye shadow. The aim is to create a softly lifted eye area with make-up, like that of supermodel Bella Hadid:

Bella hadid on the catwalk
Bella Hadid also goes for the soft foxy eyes lookPhoto: Getty Images

The emphasized outer corner of the eye is essential for the Foxy Eye. The first step is to apply a light brown eye shadow to the crease and the outer corner of the eye. For the lifting effect, it is important to blend upwards to the end of the eyebrow and not to slip under the corner of the eye. If the light brown powder sits on the eye, the look is intensified with a darker bridal shade, which is applied like an eyeliner with wing at the lash line and blended out sideways towards the top. The look is further intensified with some brown kohl in the inner corner of the eye, some mascara on the lashes and you’re done.

Brightly colored eye shadow

Blue eyeshadow was long considered a beauty sin – an image from which, however, the 90s trend is now slowly recovering: On the eyelids we now wear all colors of the rainbow, from blue über orange to yellow everything is allowed, which was otherwise considered rather a no-go.

The bright color trend is based primarily on light, matte powder textures, which are applied generously to the mobile eyelid with a moistened eyeshadow brush and then lightly smudged with a blender brush – but this is not a must, eyeshadow edges can also remain visible here. If you opt for the shimmer variant, it is best to choose cream eye shadow and apply it thickly with your fingers. Eyeliner is usually not used for this trend look, a little mascara on the upper lashes is enough, after all, the bright color or the metallic style alone is eye-catching enough.

Soft Grunge Style

Remember Taylor Momsen’s signature look as Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl? This "panda eyes"look is actually coming back in a light version now. In the summer we wear grungy smokey eyes again, but besides black it can also be dark red or brown eye shadow. The make-up trend could be seen, among other things, at the presentation of Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection:

Model at Chanel
A little bit wicked, a little bit undone – that’s the grungy smokey eyes look.Photo: Getty Images

An eyeshadow primer is essential for this look. Once it’s applied, go for a light brown or red shade, whichever you like better. Then apply the light eye shadow generously to the moving lid and blend it cleanly upwards until no hard edges are visible. Then apply a darker shade. Apply it to the lash line at the top and bottom, let it fade out to a light, straight wing on the outer side and blend the whole thing with the lighter tone so that no transition is visible at the end. Once this is done, you can still reach for a brown or black kajal and emphasize the waterline all around. Then apply a little mascara to the lashes, and the 2021 smoky eye look is complete.