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Pink eyeliner is the perfect makeup trend for spring!

Spring is just around the corner and the start of a new season is always a great opportunity to look at the latest trends in beauty and refresh our makeup routine. As we’ve spent more time at home over the past few months, the natural makeup look has been at the forefront of our minds. But come spring 2021, that’s all about to change, as the upcoming season is all about experimentation. While a black eyeliner and dramatic dark smokey eyes are a timeless classic, it wouldn’t hurt to try something new and exciting for a change. How about a pink eyeliner, for example? From soft pastel shades to bright neon colors, pink is an incredibly versatile and flattering shade that will beautifully freshen up any look, no matter how understated. Are you ready to make your eyes pop and welcome the sunny weather? Then take your makeup game to the next level and try out some of the looks below!

Augen Make-up für das Büro Pink Eyeliner Trend

Although a pink eyeliner may seem a bit intimidating and scary at first glance, the makeup trend is incredibly elegant and stylish. Numerous fashionistas and celebrities like Demi Lovato and Zendaya have already tried the look, and for good reason. Depending on the shade, the eyes look either pretty and subtle or bold and exciting. Eyeliners offer a wide range of variations in terms of technique and effect, and when it comes to makeup, there are absolutely no limits to our creativity. Whether you choose a pastel pink for the office or a bright neon pink for a girls’ night out is up to you. Should it be an extravagant triangle or rather the classic cat eye? It doesn’t matter – anything you like is allowed and the trend can be perfectly adapted to any occasion and taste.

Pink eyeliner is THE make-up trend for spring

Augen Makeup mit Glitzer Pink Eyeliner Trend

While black eyeliner should undoubtedly be an important staple in every woman’s beauty routine, it’s not the only color you can use. Sure, it’s perfect for adding depth to our eyes, but if we want to make our look pop, we’re better off with colored or white eyeliners. The best thing about pink eyeliner is that it is perfect for any eye color, depending on the shade and intensity. Pink is perhaps one of the most versatile shades out there and it adds a distinctive touch of romance and elegance to our look.

The makeup look makes our eyes shine

Pink Eyeliner welche Augen rosa Augen Makeup Trends

There are few things that can change our look as quickly as statement eye makeup. Most women tend to stick to darker shades, but a pink eyeliner could be just what you need to make a simple yet glamorous statement. Choose a pastel pink for a more relaxed look, or jazz up your smokey eyes with a glittery kohl pencil. The makeup trend has something for everyone. However, to ensure that the color stays in place all day and doesn’t smudge, it’s worth reaching for a waterproof product.

wie Pink Eyeliner schminken Smokey Eyes Make-up Ideen

So that the look does not appear too overloaded, you should keep the rest of the make-up rather subtle and natural and rather do without colored lipsticks and mascara. A nice lip gloss and some blush for the cheeks are perfectly sufficient. The basic rule is: the more intense the eyeliner, the more simple and inconspicuous the rest should be. So that you can enjoy your radiant eyes for longer, it is advisable to prepare the skin with an eyeshadow primer in addition to a waterproof product. It moisturizes the skin and ensures that nothing runs or smudges.

Pink eyeliner for the ultimate everyday look

Augen Makeup Trends 2021 Pink Eyeliner schminken

Wearing pink eyeliner for everyday wear? Why not? The classic eyeliner remains on trend and gives our eyes a special depth. Depending on your mood and for a particularly beautiful sweep, the eyeliner may go a little further towards the temple and over the corner of the eye. We all know that applying eyeliner is not the easiest task and no matter how hard we try, the end result is often disappointing. If you also have two left hands just like us, then we have good news for you! Pink eyeliner is very easy to blend, and if you go for a lighter shade, small mistakes and blunders will be absolutely invisible.

Pink Eyeliner Augen Make-up Trends 2021

The selection of eyeliner products on the market is incredibly huge – you can choose between gel, kohl pencil or a liquid eyeliner. Of the three, the kajal pencil is the easiest to apply and is therefore best suited for all beginners. To make your eyes appear visually larger, it’s best to go for lighter shades of pink and apply the eyeliner to the lower and upper eyelid. Use eyeshadows in different shades of pink to create an incredibly flattering and refreshing makeup look.

rosa Augen Make-up Trends 2021 Pink Eyeliner

A pink eyeliner can be used to conjure up countless interesting beauty looks, making the trend suitable for any occasion and taste. The combination of pink and black provides a playful contrast and is a great way to give your makeup routine a modern upgrade. Are you going on a romantic date? Then show your partner how much you love them and draw on some hearts with the eyeliner.

Pink eyeliner: this is how beautiful the trend looks!

rosa Augen Make-up Ideen Pink Eyeliner Trend

The makeup trend is best for a dramatic yet stylish wedding look

Pink Eyeliner Make-up Trends 2021 Hochzeit Schminktipps

The shade is ideal for adding a touch of freshness to your look

Pink Eyeliner schminken Makeup Trends Frühjahr 2021

Don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes and colors

Makeup Trends 2021 Pink Eyeliner Schminktipps