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Perfect make-up foundation – choosing the right color

Make-up Grundierung -nach-hautfarbe-wahlen

A beautiful makeup can actually be achieved by anyone, because it is based on the perfect makeup technique, selection of the right colors in the combination hair-skin-eyes and last but not least, on the good makeup primer. In this regard, your Fond de Teint is the key product to successful makeup, which is well suited for everyday life as well as for gala dinners. Smoky eyes (smokey eyes) and thickly accentuated lips stand out best with a clean and healthy skin. For this reason, today we want to introduce you to the most important steps for your well-done makeup and also help you with good advice when choosing suitable Fond de Teint.

The right make-up foundation

If you have doubts, choose the lighter shade!


This is a good decision! Even if it is not your shade, it is much easier to darken slightly with bronze or powder than to try just the opposite – to brighten your face!

Further, it’s also difficult to gauge just the right shade when using artificial light at the beauty store. Sometimes it seems to us, yes, this is exactly the shade I’m looking for! But at home, you might be disappointed later.

Makeup foundation by skin tone

Do not test on the wrist, but on the jaw.

Make-up Grundierung -nicht-handgelenk-kieferlinie-testen

This is also true because skin color is different in different parts of the body. When testing a fond de teints, be sure to take into account the light of your surroundings. Our tip: the best and safest way is to apply a small amount of Fond de Teint and wait until you come out into the daylight. There you can better assess if this shade is just right for you.

Rely more on the neck than the face.


This is good advice, again due to the different shades on the face. The reason for this is also easy to explain and is quite understandable – our face is exposed to the sun a lot and tends to darken more than the neck. Our tip is to test your base de the first time.

Use foundation as a base not as a mask

perfekte- Make-up Grundierung richtige-farbe-wahlen

Take your foundation makeup rather as a kind of correction that can completely cover certain shortcomings of your skin. But remember, the more cosmetic products you apply to your face, the more you are exposed to the risk of contamination and clogging of pores on your face.