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Naturally beautiful: the best tips for a radiant and healthy look

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Day after day, our skin is exposed to countless influences. Both from inside and outside, a wide variety of factors influence how well the skin can regenerate and protect itself. The problem: negative influences quickly cause skin blemishes or dry skin. However, simply applying make-up over them solves the visual blemish, but does not eliminate the cause. With a few simple tips, however, it is possible to look naturally beautiful and radiant even without cosmetic effort.

Naturally beautiful – Don’t use too much make-up

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Basically, make-up is used to emphasize the individual advantages of a face and to hide its problem areas. Whether it’s a long nose, chubby cheeks or drooping eyelids: there have long been suitable make-up tips and tricks for every initial situation. Contouring, for example, is supposed to help change the shape of the face by artificially creating shadows. However, if you spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day using foundation, powder, highlighter and the like, you may not be doing your skin any good.

Natural cosmetics look just as beautiful as conventional make-up, but are less stressful.

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Make-up can sometimes be more harmful to the skin than is assumed. There are some ingredients in conventional cosmetic products that stress and deplete the skin. And even if dermatologists do not fundamentally view make-up critically, according to an article on, consumers should still use it in moderation. In this case, the popular saying “The amount makes the poison” applies. Daily application of thick layers of make-up, failure to remove make-up thoroughly and the choice of the wrong products can damage the skin. Then again, when it’s without makeup, it looks tired, is prone to blemishes and can even flake.

Let the skin breathe and look naturally beautiful with high-quality make-up

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However, doing without make-up altogether is of course not a solution either. After all, most women have a lot of fun making themselves beautiful in front of the mirror and acting out their creativity. The best alternative to conventional products with silicones, mineral oil and other chemical ingredients is always natural cosmetics. Here the purchase is somewhat more expensive, but in return the facial skin comes into contact exclusively with natural substances that do not harm it. For example, there are powders that consist only of certain minerals and allow the skin to breathe.

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And if you schedule “no makeup” days in between, you are giving your skin that all-important relief. It is perfectly okay to leave the house without make-up on some days. Most of the time, this is not even noticeable. However, if the complete abandonment of make-up is not an option, the most important thing is to remove make-up carefully overnight. Then the skin can recover unaffected and is fit again for the cosmetic routine the next day.

Putting together the right facial care

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To be naturally beautiful, it is right and important to provide the demanding and sensitive facial skin with valuable nutrients. However, the selection of creams, lotions and gels is huge, and here, too, what is already evident with make-up applies: many products contain chemical substances that are deposited on the skin and even absorbed by the body. So there’s no question that naturalness should also be the top priority when it comes to facial care.

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Fortunately, in this context there are manufacturers who rely exclusively on ingredients from nature and produce their products according to organic standards. Properly selected natural cosmetics can, as reports, protect both the balance and the moisture content of the skin. However, for this to work, it also depends on the selection of suitable creams.

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This does not require many different products, but only one line that can be systematically used in the daily facial care routine. Once women have established which skin care products are good for their skin, they should stick with them and not make frequent changes. As soon as the facial skin is confronted with a different care product than the one it is used to, it has to readjust. The more often this happens, the higher the risk of skin irritation, redness and loss of natural balance. Concentrating on tried and tested products is therefore absolutely recommended when it comes to facial care.

Naturally beautiful – Pay attention to a healthy diet

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Even grandmothers know: “True beauty comes from within.” And even if this life wisdom is aimed more at the mental well-being and deals with the charisma of the person, there is another aspect in it. Nutrition is of great importance when it comes to a radiant and beautiful appearance. Those who eat fast food, a lot of salt, fat or even sugar, present their own body with great challenges. Not only does it have to break down and eliminate the harmful ingredients, but it often lacks important nutrients.

What nutrition means in terms of skin health, many women can only imagine after changing their habits. There are many foods that are even good for the complexion. Moringa, sweet potatoes, carrots or even peppermint, for example. Therefore, they should be regularly on the menu and supplemented with ingredients that are also wholesome. For example, whole grain products are always better than white flour, low-fat meat is better than processed sausage, and a bowl of berries is much more valuable than a handful of gummy bears.

Skin-friendly nutrition, just like skin care and cosmetics, is best made up of ingredients that are as natural as possible. Heavily processed foods such as convenience foods do not belong on the menu because they usually contain countless additives that do more harm than good to the body. An interesting principle is: If there are more than five different components on the ingredients list of a food, it is too heavily processed and should better be left on the supermarket shelf.

Finally, the supply of fluids to the body also plays a key role. If you drink too little, you can expect your skin to suffer as well. It looks flabby, the complexion sallow and wrinkles suddenly show up much more clearly. Anyone who likes to follow guidelines should drink about 35 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight every day. For a woman weighing sixty kilograms, this means 2.1 liters. And as far as the choice of beverages is concerned, water and unsweetened tea are the absolute non-plus-ultra. Soft drinks, alcohol and high-sugar juices should be banned from the kitchen cupboard.

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