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Nail polish trends! 5 beautiful nail designs for fall

The best accessory to go with the outfit? Nails painted in the trendy designs of the season! Tikbow shows what that means for fall 2021 – from “2YK” hearts to gemstone colors. The most beautiful nail polish trends for the coming months.

Nägel in gemstone colors

While pastel colors such as lilac, baby blue and delicate yellow were the order of the day in the summer, this fall the nails will once again be dipped in darker shades. Instead of classic berry and Bordeaux shades, shades reminiscent of precious stones such as amethyst, emerald or sapphire are now in. The rich, deep colors look particularly beautiful on short, oval-filed nails. Topcoat ensures a shiny finish with this nail polish trend.

Nail polish trend Milky Nails

Subtle cream and beige shades on the nail have been part of nail polish trends since before yesterday. Meanwhile, the style even has its own – and quite apt – name: Milky Nails. To achieve this, simply paint the nails in a milky-light shade, add a glossy top coat, and the trendy look is complete. Plus point: The milky style is unagitated, always goes and the hands look simply well-groomed.

Woman with beige nail polish
Simple but beautiful – Nägel in the trend color cream-beige.Photo: Getty Images

If you want to make it a bit more autumnal, choose slightly warmer, darker colors: rich browns and cognacs, for example.

"2YK"-Hearts and abstract shapes.

With this nail polish trend there will definitely be no boredom! Fashionistas can now decorate their nails with every conceivable pattern and shape. Particularly popular are colorful "Y2K"-hearts. The wavy heart motifs are very much in the spirit of the nineties revival. They work best on long nägels or press-ons.

The "Y2K"-hearts you can certainly conjure up yourself with a little Übung and fine nail art brushes on the nägels, but usually must für the pattern nägels the professional. If you want to get to grips with the colorful trend, you can start by decorating just one or two nails with playful patterns and shapes. Symmetry between the two hands is not important, each nail can be designed differently. In general, the following applies: Allowed is what pleases and especially everything that catches the eye!

Minimalist nail design

Colorful hearts are nothing for you? Another trend this fall are minimalist pünktchen designs. For this, the nügels are filed short and in a natural curve and painted with clear lacquer. Tiny dots are then dabbed on with a toothpick.

They can be black or colorful, the important thing is that they are not too big. As for the placement, you can give free rein to your creativity. Either quite minimalist and symmetrical with one pünktchen per finger – or in a discreet confetti look. A top coat ensures a more even result.

Orange nail polish trend

Creamy pastel shades and wild patterns are not for you? Then paint your fall nägels best in a warm orange tone. The advantage: warm orange supports the delicate tan that your hands have acquired in the summer. In addition, it looks fresher than classic red and is therefore a nice change from the usual fall colors.

Tip: To protect the nail from unsightly discoloration, you should always use a base coat with such intense colors.