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Makeup tricks to look younger: Beauty tricks with which you can make up 10 years younger!

The pursuit of eternal youth will never go away. Your skincare routine isn’t the only thing that can help you look younger. You also have a secret weapon that can take years off your face in less than five minutes: makeup. So how can you use makeup to make yourself look younger? Below you will find cool makeup tricks to look younger. Keep scrolling to see them all!

Make up like Kate Moss – lifting with bronzer from 40 and 50

Make up like Kate Moss - Lifting with bronzer from 40 and 50

Put on makeup like Kate Moss and your face will look much younger. This is about lifting with bronzer (also called “Kate Moss Contouring”): This is one of the latest TikTok beauty hacks. You simply need a creamy, matte bronzer (preferably a stick). Contouring has had its day, now it’s all about a softer look. It used to be all about contouring and chiseling your cheekbones, now it’s all about the no-makeup look and accentuating your makeup. Instead of applying makeup in the contours to create shadow, go higher with blush and bronzer. The result: an upscale, more youthful look. To keep the result from being too thick, opt for a creamy bronzer that’s easy to apply and blend with a brush, sponge or your fingers.

How to do it:

  1. Use a matte cream bronzer and place a small dot on the lowest point of your cheekbone towards your nose.
  2. Trace your cheekbone with the same bronzer, starting with the dot on your cheek and ending at the tip of your ear.
  3. Take your finger and lightly pat the product in until it blends with your skin and looks like a natural shadow.

Makeup tricks to look younger: Don’t use too much foundation

Make-up tricks to look younger - Don't use too much foundation

While it may be tempting to apply tons of opaque foundation, too much of this product can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t use too much makeup, just make sure it’s applied evenly (and cover sun spots if you have any). Instead, make sure your skin is well hydrated , and give it a light pink undertone for a more youthful look.

Make up away wrinkles: add some facial oil to your foundation.

If you want to achieve a natural glow without applying tons of highlighter to your cheeks, add some face oil (2-3 drops) to your foundation to make your skin look dewy and radiant. This will give your makeup a youthful glow.

Make up 10 years younger: avoid dark eye shadows.

Makeup tricks to look younger by 10 years - Avoid dark eye shadows

Sultry smokey eyes can definitely catch the eyes of onlookers. For ladies over 50, makeup experts tend to recommend lighter shades. Darker eye shadows emphasize the creases around the eyes and lighter and softer shades, as well as brown and gray eyeliners, create a clean look.

Makeup tricks to look younger: Swing eyelashes

If you are over 35, you should swing your eyelashes. As you age, your lashes become flatter and you should pull them up against gravity. Even if you forgo mascara, swinging your lashes makes your eyes look bigger and brighter .

Beauty tricks from 50: choose a lengthening mascara.

Beauty tricks from 50 - Choose a lengthening mascara - picture before, after

Eyelashes get thinner as you age, and popular belief is that you need a thickening mascara to make them thicker, but that’s wrong. Your lashes can’t support the extra weight. Heavy formulas flatten your lashes. Instead, use a lengthening mascara that makes lashes lighter, and look for mascaras with thin brushes so you can easily mascara each lash.

Makeup tips for women over 40 and 50 – thicker eyebrows.

Makeup tips for women over 40 - thicker eyebrows

The older we get, the more angular our facial features become, so we need to make everything look softer. Arched eyebrows or very thin eyebrows will make you look even older. So to look 10 years younger, try to make your eyebrows less arched and slightly thicker and lighter than your natural eyebrow color.

Younger makeup: outline your lips with a lip liner.

Make-up tricks to look younger - swinging eyelashes - picture before, after.

Lip liner seems like a difficult makeup product to master, but you can easily master it if you know where to start. The secret to applying lip liner with precision is to make sure that the shade of the pencil is as close to your own lip color as possible.

Once you’ve found your favorite lip liner, first outline your lips with the pencil and then finish the look with a lip gloss and a light lipstick. Just go straight for the lip liner and then apply a lip gloss or a bright lipstick to make your lips look plumper and instantly younger.

Makeup tricks to look younger: Wear the right lipstick

Make-up tricks to look younger - Wear the right lipstick

As we get older, our luscious lips become thinner. So you shouldn’t draw attention to your lips with a flashy red lipstick. If your lips are thin, it’s better to wear a nude lipstick that matches your skin tone and flatters your look.