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Makeup trends 2022: Here’s how to wear makeup in the summer to achieve a modern beauty look!

It’s all about natural, luminous looks in the biggest makeup trends for summer 2022, so get ready to shine this year. This season is all about makeup looks with little effort and big impact. That means messy eyeliner, tinted moisturizer and glossy lips. According to experts, people are saying goodbye to heavier formulas and matte finishes this summer, opting instead for luminous looks that fall more into the no-makeup category. Of course, the classic beauty trends of summer are also back this season. Flushed cheeks, tanned shimmer and bright splashes of color are making a comeback in the most understated, playful way possible. In other words, these trends are a perfect match for summer’s laid-back vibe.

Makeup trends 2022: imitate sunburned skin

Beauty trends for summer 2022 - imitate sunburned skin and use blush

Nothing suggests you’ve spent all day at the pool or beach more than a hint of rosy skin. All over Instagram and TikTok, people are going crazy for sunburnt skin. Applying blush under the eyes is a trend that mimics sunburnt skin. Beauty experts recommend using a cream-colored blush in the summer because it instantly wakes up the skin. It also helps create a soft, radiant summer look that lasts all day and all night. Don’t forget to apply blush on the forehead and on the bridge of the nose to complete the sunburn effect.

Beauty trends for summer 2022: fake freckles.

Beauty trends for summer 2022 - fake freckles

Whether you want to accentuate your already existing beauty spots or add that special touch to your complexion, the pros are all about fake freckles this summer. This is truly a great makeup look to recreate.

How to achieve the freckles look - tutorial, image

Here’s how you can achieve this summer look (quick tutorial):

Using brown eyeliner, paint small dots on the area you want to cover. For a natural look, make sure the spots have different sizes and shapes to mimic the look of real freckles. If you feel like it, you can also use more than one color to create a tonal look that looks realistic. Use your fingers to blur the spots.

Cool, Summer Beauty Looks 2022

Makeup trends 2022 - achieve modern summer look with bronzer

The dewy makeup trend is getting a makeover this summer with a simple makeup product: bronzer. This season, people are opting for makeup looks that make it look like they just came from the beach, while giving them a complexion that glows from the inside out. For this look, apply a shimmery bronzer to your temples, cheekbones and jawline. Then, use a self-tanner spray to add a gorgeous glow to any makeup look.

Cosmetic trends and tips: Eye makeup on Instagram

Eye makeup - cool ideas and tips for summer

If you look back at summers past, you may find that you’re one of those people who put their entire makeup routine in the back of their closet to enjoy a no-makeup summer spent mostly at the beach or pool. If you’re looking for a splash of color that doesn’t feel too heavy and isn’t too much trouble, an inner corner eyeshadow is perfect for summer . This makeup is a fun way to add color to your look. Opt for a shimmery, purple or yellow eyeshadow for this look, or even a touch of glitter in the inner corners of your eyes.

Summer makeup trends 2022: colorful eyeshadows.

Colorful eyeshadows as one of the cosmetics trends for the warm days

Colorful eyeshadows have been around for a while, but this summer they’re going to have a real renaissance. This summer is all about accentuated eyeliners and bright shimmering lids. It’s a fun and easy look to try on summer nights , and it’s easy to adapt to your own style.

Statement eyes with metallic eyeshadow

Beauty trends summer - metallic eye shadows are very popular and fashionable

Gilded, glittery eyeshadow that almost looks wet is one of the biggest trends right now. And the best part? It’s insanely easy to recreate. Your eyeshadow should have the perfect amount of pigment to catch the light while looking effortless.

Accentuated eyebrows as one of the makeup trends in 2022.

Accentuated eyebrows as a new makeup trend for summer

Aside from striking eyes, it’s that time of year when you emphasize your favorite features – after all, this year’s makeup is all about showing off your personality. Full and fluffy eyebrows are just one of many striking features this year. Eyebrow lamination is also trending this season. To highlight your favorite features like your eyebrows, you can use an eyebrow pomade or tinted eyebrow gel.

Style your eyebrows to achieve a trendy look

You can also master super fluffy eyebrows: simply comb your eyebrows upwards with a clear or tinted eyebrow gel. The bigger and more pronounced, the better.

Cosmetic ideas for warm days: white eyeliner.

Makeup trends 2022 - white eyeliner for a stylish and elegant look

Opening the eyes with a white eyeliner is a technique that just explodes. It can be seen on the inner rim of the eye, in the inner corner of the eye for extra shine.

Additional beauty trends for summer 2022 that will make you glow can be found in this article . Take care of your beautiful, summer look with these tips!