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Makeup trend summer 2022: Invisible eyeliner is the new trend that is totally in this season!

The new makeup trend for summer 2022, known as invisible eyeliner , no eyeliner look or floating eyeliner, is taking over the internet – it’s unique, fascinating and glamorous. If you’re tired of your retro cat eyes, then you’ll love this hip trend: it’s a whole new way to wear eyeliner. Below, we’ll show you the Invisible Eyeliner (tutorial and pictures – see below), which is totally in this season!

Invisible eyeliner summer 2022 – elegant and stylish

invisible eyeliner - hot make-up trends summer 2022

If you like to play with colors or create a smoky eye with a mixture of different eyeshadow colors, then you should definitely experiment with this makeup trend. It creates a wild eyeliner by tracing a wing with shadow, but not actually filling it in – hence the name “invisible eyeliner”. The makeup looks like you put tape on, painted over it, and then peeled it off to get a perfect line. The entire lid has perfectly blended colors, but the area where the eyeliner is usually applied seems completely bare. The result is stunning and apparently not that impossible to recreate in front of your own bathroom mirror.

How this makeup trend came to be

The invisible eyeliner - tutorial and ideas

Everyone blames Stacey McDonald, a professional makeup artist from England, for this stunning trend. The look came about by accident when she was giving a makeup class. Actually, she was supposed to paint another eyeliner with the help of a tape. She removed the tape and the makeup looked different, but totally gorgeous. She originally called it No-Eyeliner, then it became Invisible Eyeliner. When people realized it was still wings, Floating Eyeliner became a more popular term for it.

Makeup artists and lovers around the world are trying out the trend and taking inspiration from Stacey. They rely on glitter, monochrome eyeshadows and lots of creativity.

What’s the easiest way to recreate the Invisible Eyeliner look?

The 2 variations of the make-up artist

Invisible eyeliner - new ideas for your make-up

Makeup artist McDonald has two suggestions. You can either use tape or eye makeup remover. If you decide to use tape, you’ll need the standard clear variety that you have on your desk. The technique is similar to the perfect cat eye look. Instead of placing it diagonally at the outer corners of your eyes, stick it in the middle of the lash line in the same diagonal direction. Then apply the eyeshadow of your choice and blend to your liking. After you peel off the tape, you can draw an eyeliner with glitter or black liquid liner along the sharp edge of the eyeshadow.

You can also work backwards. First, apply the eyeshadow all over the eyelid. Then clean up the “invisible” area with an eye makeup remover.

Makeup tutorial without tape

Invisible eyeliner - tutorial - new make-up trend summer 2022

  1. Prepare your eyes and take care of your brows.
  2. Choose a peach-colored eyeshadow, use a fluffy brush and apply it in the crease.
  3. Now take a brown eyeshadow on the same fluffy brush and intensify the outer area of the crease.
  4. Use a small brush, roll over a dark matte black and draw a “V” in the outer corner. Be careful not to go too far out.
  5. Start blending the colors well. Avoid the extreme corners and the main area of the eyelid, as this is where the Invisible Eyeliner will be applied.
  6. Go slowly and gently. Take brown and blend hard lines.
  7. Now take concealer on a small, angular brush and apply it on the area where you want the invisible wing. Give the winged eyeliner some kind of shape.
  8. Set your makeup with powder.
  9. Using a gold (or choose another color you like) eyeliner, draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer end of the invisible eyeliner you drew.
  10. Place another eyeliner over the gold line if you like. Emphasize the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.
  11. Apply black kohl on the lower lash line and smudge it with brown eyeshadow.
  12. Also apply a layer of mascara to complete your look. You can add artificial eyelashes at the end.

Invisible eyeliner – inspiring variations of the look.

Beauty trends 2022 - the invisible eyeliner is fully in

To give you ideas on how to implement the trend yourself, here are some great variants of the look. Let yourself be inspired!

  • Accents with glitter

To make your wingtip look really pop, accentuate the dramatic line with a heavy dose of glitter. This way, you’ll use a dramatic amount of negative space that playfully contrasts with the glitter.

Invisible eyeliner - inspiring variants of the look

  • Colorful is a must

To really show off your invisible eyeliner, accentuate the edge where shadow and lid meet with an unexpected eyeliner color.

  • Outline with black

To make the look even more eye-catching, accentuate the gap between the lash line and the eyeshadow with a dark, black eyeliner to really highlight this negative space.

Invisible eyeliner - beauty tips for summer

  • Keep the invisible eyeliner subtle

You don’t have to make your negative space huge – in fact, you can use it subtly to accentuate the other colors in your makeup look.