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Makeup durability: Follow these tips to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long

Have you ever put on makeup and had nothing left on your face by noon? We know how uncomfortable that can be, but don’t worry! Here are 11 steps on how to make your makeup last. Not only that, but your makeup will look fresh all day as if you just applied it.

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What you need to do to make your makeup last

Clean your skin before applying makeup

1. prepare your skin: Cleanse the skin on your face. Then use a toner to balance the pH and make the skin more supple and fresh. Moisturize it with the right product for your skin type. Choose an oil-free product that absorbs quickly. Wait about 10 minutes after your skincare routine before applying makeup. This gives the products enough time to absorb properly.
Tip: You should also exfoliate your skin at least 2 times a week to keep it supple and remove excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells from the surface.

Apply foundation to your face with your fingers

2. Apply foundation to face and eyes: apply foundation to face with fingers to fill pores and smooth fine lines. Apply it with your fingertips to even out the skin tone of your eyelids, neutralize redness and make eyeshadow last longer.
Tip: There are basically 2 types of primers – water-based and silicone-based. Water-based primers moisturize the skin and the glycerin they contain gives it a natural look. Silicone-based primers are usually smoother, but can make makeup look heavier due to their thick formula.

Make makeup last longer with oil-free foundation

3. foundation, then concealer: apply a liquid foundation with a beauty blender. Next, apply concealer under the eyes and on imperfections before blending everything with the beauty blender.
Tip: Oil-free foundation lasts best because it doesn’t contain emollients that can cause makeup to run on your face.

More tips for long-lasting makeup

For permanent makeup, do not apply foundation with your fingers

4. Don’t apply foundation with your fingers: don’t apply foundation with your fingers if you don’t want your makeup to disappear quickly. Instead, apply it with a beauty blender. This is how you will make your makeup last.
Tip: You can also use a beauty blender to apply lighter layers of product that will last longer than a thick, heavy product that you apply with your fingers.

Use a powder to keep your makeup from melting on your face

5. Use powder: If you want to prevent makeup from melting on your face, use powder that matches the color of your liquid foundation.
Tip: If you have oily skin, powder will also help reduce shine.

If you want to make your makeup last, opt for a liquid blush

6. Choose a cream blush: If you want your makeup to last, opt for a liquid or cream blush. This product will last longer than the others.
Tip: If you still prefer a powder blush, use a slightly lighter shade than the one you think suits you. The reason for this is that it will fade during the day anyway and take on a more subtle color.

Liquid eyeliners last longer than pencils

7. Apply liquid eyeliner: liquid and gel eyeliners last longer than pencils. Kajal is usually made of wax, which is why it can easily melt on the face.
Tip: If you still prefer to use a pencil, you can draw the eyeliner with a matching eye shadow to achieve a better result. Use a brush with a beveled tip or an applicator tip.

Apply lipstick with a brush - it pushes the pigment deeper

8. apply lipstick in layers: this technique gives the lipstick a base on which it “holds” without drying out the lips and bursting. Apply your lipstick as you normally would, then blot with a paper towel. Use a brush and swipe a translucent powder onto your lips. Apply another layer of lipstick and repeat all the steps until you achieve the desired result.
Tip: Apply lipstick with a brush – it pushes the pigment deeper into the lips than a tube or finger.

Fix make-up with spray

Use a spray - It will seal your makeup for the day

9. Use a spray: it freshens up your makeup and “seals” it for the day.
Tip: There are several other ways to use the spray. Spray it on your beauty blender before applying foundation and on your brush before applying concealer. This way, what you have applied will last longer. Spray your eyeliner and eyeshadow brushes before applying to set the pigment.

When you touch your face during the day, you smudge your makeup

10. Don’t touch your face: if you touch your face during the day, not only will you smudge your makeup, but you may also spread oil and bacteria on your facial skin. These can cause the appearance of blemishes. Tip: Whenever you feel the urge to touch your face, use a soothing spray instead.

Don't apply a powder over your makeup, as this can make your skin appear heavy

11. Blot your face during the day: don’t apply powder over your makeup, as this can make your skin appear heavy. To remove oil and unnecessary shine from your face, use papers that absorb oil. If you have oily skin, choose a paper without mineral oil, as it can clog your pores even more.

What you need to do to make your makeup last