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Make-up tricks in the heat: With the best tips, your make-up will last all day – even in the hot summer!

Summer is full of wonderful things – but melting foundation, smudged eyeliner and super-sticky lipstick are not among them. That’s why we’re revealing the best, summer makeup tricks for hot weather. You should use products that allow you to keep your face looking natural, fresh and pretty, even when you’re sweating on hot days.

Makeup tricks in the heat: do your makeup in a cool room

Light make-up in summer - don't forget sunscreen

Nothing is more uncomfortable and less productive than applying makeup in a hot room where your skin never seems to get completely dry. Fortunately, there’s simple help. First, turn up the air conditioning. If that’s not possible, recommended using a fan.

Buy a small fan for your makeup area and turn the fan on up to 10 minutes before applying cosmetics. This will circulate the air in the room, making it more comfortable. Makeup will glide over your skin more easily and you won’t have to deal with slipping while you work.

What makeup to wear in the summer?

The way you care for your skin is just as important as the makeup you apply. Use an oil-free moisturizer in the morning. This will make it less likely that your face will become greasy throughout the day, especially in the heat.

Light makeup in the summer – don’t forget sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be a part of your regular routine all year round, but more care is needed in the summer as we tend to sweat more. If you’re outside in the sun, you should reapply every two hours or every time you come out of the pool or have been sweating. Since reapplying cream throughout the day can be difficult, you can use a sunscreen spray that will give you a refreshing boost while protecting your skin from the sun.

Makeup tricks in the heat: wear less makeup.

Makeup tricks in the heat - Wear less makeup

If possible, use only a tinted moisturizer and concealer where you need it. Makeup tends to slip in the heat, and the best way to avoid that is to apply less of it. In the blazing sun, full makeup can feel heavy and even run. Keep your makeup light rather than applying it fully. Apply a tinted moisturizer , BB cream or face powder, or keep your skin nude and correct blemishes with your favorite concealer.

Make up in summer with bronzer

Makeup tricks in the heat - Do your makeup in a cool room

Bronzer makes your eyes look brighter and your teeth whiter: everyone looks better when they add a little warmth to their skin. To make the result look fresh and natural, apply bronzer only on the highest points of the face where the sun naturally falls – forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose.

Bronzers in powder form are easiest to apply and don’t shift as easily in the summer heat. Look for a product that contains different shades – they blend best together to create an authentic result. You can also apply a little bronzer on your neck to blend it, especially if you have short hair or wear a ponytail.

Summer makeup – waterproof mascara

Summer make-up - waterproof mascara is a must

Even if you’re not within sight of a pool or the coast, waterproof mascara is a must in the summer . Mascara tends to smudge with sweat and humidity, but a waterproof formula will help keep the product in place.

Makeup tricks in the heat: fix eyeshadow.

Tired of your eyeshadow slipping into the crease as soon as you leave the house? Then use your favorite liquid matte lipstick as eyeshadow and your eye makeup will last all day. You can also create a trendy, monochromatic makeup look this way, as the lipstick can also be used as a blush.

Swap heavy lipsticks for lip stains

Swap heavy lipsticks for lip stains - makeup tricks in the heat

Ditch your heavy, matte lipsticks for the summer and try the easiest trend of the season: Lip Stains. These long-wearing formulas offer lightweight coverage that you can apply, making them very versatile. Lip Stains are wonderful because you can always apply a lip balm to moisturize without worrying about the color fading. Try sweet pink or peach shades for a traditional summer look, or venture into tangerine and grape colors for something more daring.

Finish off your makeup with a setting spray

Fixing sprays are meant to prolong the life of your makeup by preventing it from fading, smudging, or cracking, so they’re great products to protect your look from sweat. When you’re done applying your makeup, be sure to set it with a setting spray as a final step.

Touch up if necessary.

What makeup in the summer? Sunscreen, bronzer and mascara.

No matter how well you apply your makeup in the heat, touch-ups are inevitable. First, cool down to avoid sweating. Then dab off excess shine with a cosmetic blotting paper. Use a makeup brush or sponge to smooth out your BB cream and blush. If needed, apply a dab of concealer under your eyes to brighten them, and reapply to skin imperfections. Add a bit of powder and setting spray.