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Make up lips from 60: What you can do so that the lipstick does not run in the lip wrinkles

If there’s one makeup product that makes your face shine the most, it’s certainly lipstick. Nothing adds a fresh touch to your whole look like a little color on the lips. However, applying lipstick can become a challenge for women over 60. If it runs into the creases of your lips, it can make you look older or just plain bad. We’ll explain how you can use a few simple tricks to make up your thin lips perfectly, while also preventing your lipstick from settling into the creases around your lips.

How do lip wrinkles form and what can you do about them?

Lips become narrower with age

This is not only due to age, but also due to lifestyle. If you are or have been a smoker, you are sure to have wrinkles around your lips. Other causes include drinking through straws and even excessive pouting. However, the biggest culprit is smacking or rubbing your lips together, which most women over 50 do after applying lipstick. Try to break this habit! Alternatively, you can gently dab the lipstick with a cosmetic tissue if you think it’s necessary.

Dermaroller against lip wrinkles from 50

To get fuller lips, you don’t have to resort to fillers. However, you may want to invest in a dermaroller. Use this microneedling device several times a week around your lip line. It stimulates the formation of collagen and actually makes your lips look bigger over time.

Another insider tip: eye cream isn’t just for the eyes! You can also use your favorite eye cream around her lips before bed. Because it’s so rich and moisturizing, a good eye cream will help prevent or soften wrinkles. You can also use eye cream to make up away wrinkles around the mouth, as we explained in this article.

Make up lips from 60 with lipliner

make up narrow lips fuller over 60 with lipliner

As we get older, our lips lose color and volume. A lip liner is a great way to define and showcase lip shape. You should pay attention not only to the choice of color, but also to the way you apply it.

To make up narrow lips fuller, apply the contour pencil outside the lip outline, not on the inside. This feels a little "weird" the first few times, but it makes a big difference! Then make up the entire mouth with the lip liner before applying the lipstick. This will improve the durability of the lipstick.

If you really want to prevent your lipstick from settling into your lines, use a lip liner! It creates a barrier between your lips and the skin around them.

Use a transparent lipliner to draw an invisible protective line

Make up lips with transparent lip liner

You do not like colored lip liner? Then use an invisible one! Transparent lip liners have the same effect: the lipstick stays in place and does not run in the creases. But the transparent contour pencil also has an additional advantage. Since you can’t see it, you can use it above the lip line, which makes your mouth look fuller when you apply lipstick over it. Since it is colorless, it matches all skin tones and is therefore suitable for almost every woman.

What lipstick color from 60?

Make up lips over 50 - simple beauty tricks.

Once you’ve figured out your skin’s undertone, you can set out to find the lipstick color that will make your complexion glow, enhance your overall look, and possibly become a lifelong favorite or "signature"look.

With so many shades to choose from, make sure you use one that matches your natural lip color. If your natural lip color is rather dark, you may need to go one shade lighter.

make up lips bigger over 60

Avoid matte lipsticks and stick to lipsticks with some shine. While matte formulas are long-lasting, they can dry out your lips and make you look older. There is one exception, however. If you fall in love with a matte lipstick color, you should apply a gloss over it to make your lips look more voluminous. You can read more about this in this article.

Make-up tip for women over 60: Always freshen up in between!

What lipstick color from 60

It’s easy to keep your lips looking great all day long! Lipstick and lip liner are compact enough to fit in any handbag. So you can easily touch up your lipstick whenever you’re on the go.

If you use lip gloss, use it sparingly, as it runs much easier than regular lipstick. Even a small amount on the lower lip will provide the desired shine, but dab it carefully with a cosmetic tissue after application.