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Make-up from 60: How to apply blush and bronzer to make your sallow skin glow!

Many women over 50 notice that their skin becomes paler and looks a bit dull or sallow. However, with the right makeup products and a few beauty tricks, it’s easy to apply makeup properly over 60 and restore your skin’s fresh, youthful glow. We’ll reveal how blush and bronzer can be used together to restore a glow to your tired, sallow-looking skin and add a touch of color to your complexion.

Correct make-up from 60: Apply bronzer like a pro

Make up sallow skin from 60 with bronzer and blush.

A light bronzer works wonders against sallow skin and creates a healthy shimmering complexion. The important thing is: Do not overdo it.

Women often tend to use very large powder brushes for bronzer. This is not a good idea. A large brush spreads bronzer all over the face and doesn’t allow for precision in application. Instead, reach for a smaller blush brush or a beveled contour brush. This way, you’ll have more control over where you apply the product.

The right brush for applying bronzer

Pick up a little bronzer with the brush and tap off the excess. Then apply the bronzer on your forehead with circular movements along the hairline. Add a little more bronzer to the jawline to accentuate the jaw. Don’t forget to apply some bronzer to your neck as well to even out color differences! After you have framed the face, highlight the cheekbones. To do this, sweep the bronzer just below the cheekbone elevation.

Bonus tip – You can also use cream bronzer!

You can also use cream bronzer

If you’re not a fan of powder products, you can also opt for a cream version. To make a cream bronzer yourself, mix some bronzing powder with your primer or foundation. Then, you can use a foundation brush or your fingertips to spread the bronzer evenly on your forehead, nose, under your cheekbones and on your chin.

Blush gives a fresh look

Blush provides a fresh look from 60

After applying bronzer, you’ve already created a beautiful glow and revitalized your tired, dull skin. But bronzer alone is not enough to add some color to your cheeks. For this, you need blush.

Make-up for 60 year olds - applying blush and bronzer correctly

For many women over 60, powder blush just isn’t right. In fact, powder can make your skin look dry and make you appear older. So forgo powder blush and choose a cream blush instead.

Apply cream blush correctly

Proper application is key. Put a dab of cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and smudge it outward in a circular motion with your finger. Then apply a light powder. This will give you the beautiful shine of the cream and the longevity of the powder. A cream blush usually doesn’t last long, but using the powder will set it.