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Make-up for mature skin: these are the best make-up tips for older women from 50/60 with wrinkles

Just as our style, interests and overall aesthetics change with age, so do the makeup products we reach for. As we get older, our skin changes – from more fine lines and wrinkles, to less elasticity, to a change in skin tone and texture, and more. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel beautiful and confident in your skin today and in the future. You may already be addressing new skin concerns by adding some anti-aging products to your skincare routine – that’s the perfect start. Now it’s time to tweak your makeup routine to make your skin glow today and in the future. When it comes to makeup for mature skin, these are the best makeup tips you’ll find below.

Good makeup for dry or blemished mature skin from 50/60: the right preparation.

Good make-up for dry or blemished mature skin from 50-60 - the right preparation

One of the most important steps in applying makeup for any skin type takes place before you even start applying makeup. The way you prepare your skin for makeup application has a big impact on how the makeup sits on your skin. Make sure you start with clean, moisturized skin. Also, wait until your moisturizer is fully absorbed into your skin before you start applying makeup. Once all of that is done, it’s time for foundation. A primer prepares your skin for any other makeup products you want to apply. Primer fills in fine lines and wrinkles, creates a smooth barrier between your skin and makeup, and can help even out your skin tone.

Focus on the areas that really need to be covered to avoid expression lines. Try a lighter foundation and build coverage where it’s needed.

Good coverage makeup after foundation – concealer for the face and eye area.

Good covering make-up after foundation - concealer for the face and eye area

Your moisturizing concealer is your best tool for a youthful, even complexion. But be careful not to use too much concealer. Also, make sure you apply it only after your foundation. For optimal coverage around the eyes, choose a shade that is just one shade lighter than your foundation. This way, you can brighten up your eye area a bit. For spot coverage all over your face, a shade that matches your foundation is best.

The best makeup tips for older ladies 50/60+: cream blush and cream bronzer for wrinkled skin.

The best make-up tips for older ladies from 50-60 - cream blush and cream bronzer for wrinkled skin.

Bronzer and cream blush will give you back a radiant and youthful look. If you’ve switched out your powder bronzer for a cream-based bronzer but your complexion still doesn’t look right, it may be because you’re using a bronzer that’s too shimmery for your complexion. While a touch of shimmer can make mature skin look radiant, too much of it can also accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. Try using a moisturizing, brightening formula that is about two shades darker than your skin tone for best results.

Makeup for mature skin – eyeliner pencil for more definition

Make-up for mature skin - Kajal pencil for more definition

Kajal pencil is one of the best ways to add definition to your eyes, and the key to success is the right formula. To create an attractive but not severe look, use a soft pencil to trace the shape of your eyes before swiping some eyeshadow over it to blur the line.

Give your lashes a lift

Give your eyelashes a lift

Most importantly, don’t forget to apply mascara to your lashes. It’s an extra step, but it really makes your eyes look more open and bigger.

Anti-age makeup tips: Cream eye shadow for wrinkled skin.

Anti-age makeup tips - cream eye shadow for wrinkled skin

A good cream eyeshadow with a satin finish looks stunning because it sinks into the skin and feels more like part of the face. Even better, cream eyeshadows offer a variety of coverage levels, ranging from sheer to opaque.

Makeup for mature skin: define your lips.

Make-up for mature skin - Define your lips

Using a natural-looking lip liner will bring back the natural fullness of your lips. For older women in their 50s or 60s, it’s important to choose a formula that’s more moisturizing to ensure even coverage.

Pro tip: Make your lips look bigger

Apply lip liner to the outer edges of your lips first, drawing it slightly past the natural lip line. This will make your lips appear fuller. For a radiant and fresh look, apply a bold lipstick. Apply it to the center of your lips with a lip brush. Let the liner and lipstick blend into each other.

Shape your eyebrows

Shape your eyebrows

Your eyebrows should be shaped so that they define the face nicely. When the eyebrows are properly defined , much less makeup is needed. Shaping your brows with a soft powder or tinted brow gel is the trick.

Shaping eyebrows - make-up for mature skin