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Make up eyes bigger from 50: These simple tricks help with drooping eyelids and small eyes

Many ladies are affected by this in old age: The skin around the eyes slackens and drooping eyelids develop, making the eyes look smaller. It is not only eye care that needs to be adapted to age. The optimal make-up also changes. For example, those who have worn smoky eyes so often should sooner or later do without them, because they may no longer be as flattering to the wearer as they once were. We have summarized some make-up tips and tricks for you, with which you can make up the eyes bigger from 50.

The right care is the be-all and end-all

Make up eyes bigger from 50 - The right care with anti-aging cream

You can use as many tricks for the perfect make-up – if the care is not right, they will not help (for long). Make-up only has a refreshing effect if the skin radiates the same. Therefore, it is important to provide it with sufficient moisture and also to prevent wrinkles. Especially at the eye, the eye shadow or make-up quickly collects in the wrinkles and of course it is annoying to have to refresh everything several times a day. Therefore, the following absolutely belongs to the make-up routine to apply a moisturizing anti-aging eye cream with hyaluron or caffeine. It not only makes the eye area more awake, but also cares for the whole over.

What is the right way to apply make-up?

Make up eyes bigger from 50 – Light or dark?

Use colors correctly for a younger and fresher look

The answer is clearly light! Many people know that dark colors visually reduce the size of the eye and for drooping eyelids or small eye sizes, this is definitely counterproductive. Instead, you should apply discreet makeup to the eyes. Do not suffer from such eyelids, you may now and then also reach for a darker shade, but do not overdo it. If you want to make up eyes bigger from 50 trust light colors, because they open the eye and this applies not only to drooping eyelids, but also if you have naturally rather smaller eyes.

What about kajal and eyeliner for drooping eyelids?

The eyeliner should be thin and applied with eyeliner

Eyeliner for drooping eyelids is quite suitable, provided that it is as thin as possible. Because apart from the fact that it could otherwise quickly smudge, there is also again the risk that the make-up becomes too dark and finally you want to make up the eyes bigger from 50. And therefore an eyeliner is also the better choice, because with a fine model also really thin strokes are possible.

Make up eyes bigger from 50 with the eye shadow

Make up eyes bigger from 50 with the right eye shadow and colors

As you can already imagine, you should also rely on light shades with regard to the eyeshadow and under no circumstances make up the eyes dark. This will immediately bring the desired effect. Although this does not mean that you can not use a few dark shades. However, these should really only serve as an accent. Small eyes makeup is best done with beige, brown or champagne shades. Of course, more colorful shades are also suitable to accentuate your eye color , provided they are light.

You can increase the magnifying effect by making up the eyes at the waterline with white kohl. This brightening opens the eyes.

Very strong drooping eyelids completely cover the movable eyelid, so this can not really be made up? That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. Instead, just focus on the inner corner of the eye. Again, go for light colors! A highlighter is also well suited and you can also apply it below the eyebrows to visually lift the lid.

Dark colors make the eye look smaller

Make-up tips for the eye and eye shadow for drooping eyelids: Do not spread the eye shadow, but apply it in dabbing movements. Do not smudge to blend either. Instead, create an even transition with a light shade of gray, which you blend into a darker one in the same way towards the inner corner of the eye (yes, in this case, a darker shade is possible because the lid is made up lightly).

The mascara as a finishing touch – what to consider?

Make up eyes bigger from 50 - Make-up tips for mascara

Do you attach importance to extend your winters, be sure to reach for a waterproof mascara . The sagging skin would blur a normal namely quickly and thereby arise imprints on the upper eyelid. You can also visually open your eyes by using an eyelash curler beforehand. An eyelash curler is therefore highly recommended if you want to make up younger from 50.

Younger make-up before after with the right make-up