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Make up drooping eyelids correctly from 50: With these tips you create the illusion of larger eyes

As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity – and this is especially visible around the eye contour. That’s why you may have noticed that some of the eye makeup techniques you’ve used for decades just don’t work anymore. The good news is that you can bend and change the rules to suit all your needs. How women over 50 should properly make up their droopy eyelids to make them look younger and fresher is the topic of this article.

Make up eyelids correctly from 50 – What are the best make-up tips

Correct make-up for drooping eyelids over 50 - What are the best make-up tips?

As you get older, your eyes become narrower. As the upper eyelid loses its elasticity, it can sometimes droop a little. As a result, when your eyes are open, you can’t see the eyelid at all. This makes eyeshadow pointless. So, for women over 50 to do their droopy eyelids properly, they need to create a makeup look that works whether the eyes are closed or open. To learn how you can do that, read on.

Filling in the eyebrows to tighten the eye area.

Filling in the eyebrows creates a frame, lifts the eye area

Filling in the eyebrows creates a frame, lifting the eye area. Be careful not to set the “tail” of each eyebrow too low, as this will cause the eyes to droop. To figure out where your eyebrow should end, place a thin pencil at the edge of your nose and angle it so that it runs across the outer edge of your eye to your eyebrow. This is where the brow should end.

Even out the color of your eyelids

Removing drooping eyelids - First you should even out the color of your eyelids

Think of your face as a canvas. Before you add color, shading or accents, you need to even out any discoloration. Remember the artist’s strategy: the lighter the color, the more it stands out, and the darker the color, the more it recedes. With closed lids, you want to create the illusion of light and dark where there is no clear frame of reference.

Just as an artist starts with a blank canvas, you should first even out your skin tone. Apply a light to medium coverage foundation to your entire face and eyelids. If you have oily eyelids or your eyeshadow doesn’t stick, use an eye primer instead.

Now that your eyelids are done, it’s time for eyeshadow!

Make up away droopy eyelids – instructions on how to apply eyeshadow properly.

Removing drooping eyelids - How to apply eyeshadow correctly

Going back to the artist analogy, you should use the play between light and dark to create an eye texture. Depending on your skin color, take an eye shadow that is slightly lighter than your skin.

Apply the eyeshadow with a flat brush on your entire eyelid so that it almost reaches your eyebrow, but not all the way. It’s better to leave the eyebrow bone its normal color or apply a slightly iridescent shadow that is lighter than your skin. When working with the product, make sure the shadow is blended well and covers the entire eye area.

Tip: Glossy eyeshadow can look too garish on older women and should be used sparingly and deliberately.

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How to create the illusion of a larger eyelid crease

Correct make-up for drooping eyelids – This is how you create the illusion of a larger eyelid crease: For the eyelid crease, take a color that is one to two shades darker than your skin color. Apply the color with a pointed brush just above your natural eyelid crease to be exact, or create an eyelid crease where you want it. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty quickly.

Once you’ve learned to paint larger creases, the key to proficiency is blending with a good blending brush. Keep the eyelid crease color in the center of the outer part of the eye area, and avoid bringing it closer to the inner part of the brow. This will open up your eye and create the illusion of a larger eyelid crease.

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Make up drooping eyelids properly from 50 – Focus on the eyeliner.

Correct make-up for drooping eyelids from 50 - focus on the eyeliner

Finally, take an eyeliner and apply it as far as possible between your eyelashes. Use an angled brush or an applicator brush and turn it to the side to get as straight an angle as possible.

While looking in the mirror, trace the liner in short strokes between your lashes. Don’t worry if the liner looks uneven, because in the next step you will blend it to eliminate all imperfections.

To blend the liner, take another, softer brush and run it over the liner to soften the edges and give it a smokier touch.

Once you’re done blending the liner and you’re feeling ambitious, use the brush to apply a color at least two to three shades darker in the outer crease and around the edge of your eye. This serves to open up the eye area even more and can add a dramatic and stunning touch to your look.

At first, as you learn how to do this, your shadow will look a little sloppy. However, with practice, you will create more and more fun and playful eyeshadow looks that any artist would be proud of.

Tip. For finish, use waterproof mascara. Often mascara transfers to concealed eyes, so choose a waterproof product.

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