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Make up away mouth wrinkles: These make-up tips for mature skin over 50 make the ladies look younger instantly!

If you’re like most women, you try to delay or conceal wrinkles as long as possible. Although there’s nothing you can do to prevent wrinkles altogether, you can make them more inconspicuous with the right beauty tricks. Try these makeup tips to conceal wrinkles and keep your face looking as fresh as possible. This makeup routine is simple and works well even for beginners. We’ll tell you how to make up away your mouth wrinkles.

What causes wrinkles around the mouth?

What causes wrinkles around the mouth?

Mouth wrinkles are simply part of life and getting older. Drooping of the corners of the mouth and increased prominence of nasolabial folds (the wrinkles between the mouth and nose) can be caused by loss of facial volume and facial fat pads as we age. However, some mouth wrinkles can also be exacerbated by lifestyle. Vertical wrinkles above the lip are often referred to as “smoker’s lines,” and skin quality around the mouth can also deteriorate from excessive sun exposure.

Can wrinkles around the mouth be prevented?

As with all things related to skin and aging, the best prevention is a good routine and a healthy lifestyle. A good cosmetic skincare routine is essential to any prevention strategy, and it’s especially important to make sure your face gets a daily SPF 50+ sunscreen.

Make up away mouth wrinkles – makeup tips to look younger.

Improve your face care routine - Moisture is important

If you have fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, a few expert makeup tricks can help make your deep wrinkles disappear. With a steady hand and key beauty products to smooth out wrinkles, you can reverse the appearance of aging without going near a needle.

Improve your facial skincare routine – moisturizing is important.

Make up away wrinkles around the mouth - these makeup tips for mature skin over 50 make ladies look younger instantly

Cleanse and moisturize your face. The best way to conceal wrinkles is to moisturize them. This step is very important as it creates a clean surface for makeup application and helps your makeup last longer. Regularly moisturizing your face with a cream that promotes collagen production can help your mature skin regain its elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

If you are over 50 , a moisturizer alone will not slow down the aging process. That is why it is advisable to apply a serum first and then layer a moisturizer on top. Do not forget to use a sunscreen with SPF 50+ every day.

Silicone-based primers to cover wrinkles.

Make up away mouth wrinkles - beauty tips to look younger

Silicone-based primers are a wonder weapon for many beauty experts. They are one of the best types of primers for mouth wrinkles because they are very fluid and can be used in various forms to keep mature skin smooth. Silicone also acts as a great water repellent, helping to retain moisture and hydrate the skin.

Apply a silicone-based primer to fill in the creases around the mouth. Start with a small, pea-sized amount and apply evenly with your fingers or a beauty blender. If you have wrinkles and fine lines elsewhere on your face and neck that you want to conceal, you can apply the silicone-based primer to those areas as well. Let the primer soak in for a few minutes before applying your foundation and other makeup.

Make up mouth wrinkles with foundation

Apply a thin layer of a light to medium coverage silicone-based foundation and blend with a beauty blender. You should use a silicone-based foundation here, as it is compatible with the primer you have already applied. If you use any other kind, it may come off.

Just because you have wrinkles doesn’t mean you should apply more or heavier makeup. If you use a covering foundation or apply it too thickly, the makeup will settle into the wrinkles and make them even more pronounced. You can also skip foundation altogether. Light makeup , such as BB creams or tinted moisturizers, is perfect for adding coverage and won’t accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

Over-make wrinkles: skip the powder

Make up away wrinkles around the mouth with foundation - before and after picture

Using a powder to set makeup is a popular method that many gurus use. However, for mouth wrinkles and wrinkled skin, you should skip the powder. Powder absorbs moisture that your skin desperately needs and can settle into your wrinkles and lines, making them more pronounced. If you want to absorb shine and achieve a matte look, use a matte foundation.

Make up away mouth wrinkles: don’t forget the neck, too

Don’t forget to apply foundation and makeup up to the neck and blend it well. The process is similar to the method described above for your mouth wrinkles. Depending on how deep your neck wrinkles are, you may need to use an additional layer of foundation to conceal the wrinkles. This step is important to achieve a uniform look. You would be surprised how many people miss this step.