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Make up away drooping eyelids: what is right and what is wrong when you make up drooping eyelids

Eyes with a drooping eyelid are a challenge when it comes to make-up. You can conceal the drooping eyelid wonderfully, if you do it right, and at the same time visually open the eye. In the same way, however, eye makeup can have the opposite effect and even accentuate a drooping eyelid, not to mention the fact that the makeup can sometimes quickly smudge. We have summarized the do’s and don’ts that you should consider if you want to remove drooping eyelids.

Conceal drooping eyelids with these do’s

Emphasize the inner corner of the eye with highlighter and open the eye

These are the things you may and should even introduce into your makeup routine to make up drooping eyelids properly. Here’s how to conceal drooping eyelids without surgery at all:

The right base is essential

Due to the drooping eyelid, which is constantly over the movable eyelid, the makeup smudges more easily than with other eyes. For this reason, a good foundation is simply a must. It provides a good base on which the rest of the makeup can adhere better, because it also isolates the natural oils that the skin produces. Furthermore prevents

Apply an eyeshadow base after you have cleansed your face and the skin has dried. After that, you can proceed with the rest of your makeup.

Removing drooping eyelids – Highlighting the lash line

Make up for drooping eyelids - avoid these mistakes

Apply a thin layer of kohl underneath or between the lash hairs of the upper lash line. In this way, the lashes appear denser and the focus is directed to them. If you want to make up something more striking, you can also emphasize the lower lash line. For this, however, use an eye shadow in a darker color this time (not the kajal) and run it over the lashes.

Plenty of mascara or fake lashes

While we’re on the subject of highlighting lashes: If the lashes stand out, the drooping eyelid will be less noticeable. So don’t be afraid to apply several layers of mascara. Fly legs do not have to be, but volume and length will definitely benefit you. Artificial eyelashes are also a way to highlight the lash line.

Light colors, subtle shine

Lazy eyelids make-up removal - correct distribution of eyeshadow and color selection

Shimmery eyeshadows are optimal for the drooping eyelid, you probably already know that. Nevertheless, caution is advised if you want to make up away drooping eyelids and not emphasize them additionally. The eyeshadow should only be slightly shiny and should also only be applied to the moving eyelid. The inner corner of the eye can also be emphasized in the same way.

Removing drooping eyelids with matte, dark tones

And how do I make up the drooping eyelids? They are best concealed by darker shades with a matte look. Gloss would emphasize them and draw the eye evenly to them, while dark and matte eyeshadows would make them fade into the background and become more inconspicuous.

What helps against drooping eyelids – Don’t’s you should avoid.

Droopy eyelid comparison - Wrong eyelid line, wrong eyebrows

Some makeup techniques are ideal, while others have the exact opposite effect when you apply makeup on drooping eyelids. What are the no-go’s when you want to make up away drooping eyelids?

Make up for drooping eyelids – Too much shine

With regard to both the highlighter and the eyeshadow, the following applies: Decent shimmer, yes, but no exaggerated shine and certainly not on the slip lid and the “false” crease itself. You want to draw attention away from the eyelid. Therefore, light shine below the eyebrows, on the inner corner of the eye and on the visible part of the moving lid. Make up the drooping eyelid itself with matte and slightly darker makeup, which will create a lifting effect.

Lift the eyelid when applying make-up

You want to apply makeup to your eyelid, and to do so, you automatically pull the drooping eyelid upwards to get at the entire surface. But apart from the fact that this is completely pointless, because the eye shadow will be covered by the drooping eyelid again afterwards. In addition, sooner or later the makeup will smear.

Therefore, when applying makeup, look straight ahead in the mirror and lift your forehead at most, but not your drooping eyelid. In this way, you will be able to assess where you should create a “false” eyelid crease and which area of the moving eyelid is really visible and can be made up.

Thick eyeliner for drooping eyelids

Make up only a thin eyelid line with eyeliner or kajal

Eyeliner is beautiful, no question about it. However, for drooping eyelid, you should apply the right one in the right way. It is optimal to use dark eyeshadow for this purpose, as it blends well. Kajal and eyeliner are also suitable, but only in a very thin form and directly above the upper lash line. Due to the hard edge of the line in this makeup, too thick a line would create a tired and smothering look.

How to make up drooping eyelids – emphasize the waterline

The drooping eyelid automatically makes the eye look smaller and more closed. With a kajal on the waterline, you only reinforce this effect and thus do yourself no favors. Instead, omit this step or use a white kajal, which, in contrast to the dark one, visually opens the eye and makes it look larger, so that you successfully remove the drooping eyelids.

Neglecting the eyebrows and applying the wrong make-up

Removing drooping eyelids with correctly shaped eyebrows

Incorrectly shaped and made-up eyebrows emphasize the drooping eyelid instead of concealing it. Therefore, do not neglect them and have them professionally plucked and shaped first. Do not choose too dark color, because it makes the eyes look tired. Below the brows, on the brow bone, apply highlighter.

Make-up tips for drooping eyelids from 50 you get in this article .