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Make-up and care tips for mature skin

Less elasticity, wrinkles, age spots – sooner or later, the traces of age make themselves felt in all of us. But what is the best way to care for skin beyond 50 and what should be considered when applying make-up? Tikbow knows the best care tips for mature skin.

How do I get an even complexion?

An even complexion stands for youthful freshness. With age, however, the pigment distribution gets mixed up, and wrinkles and enlarged wrinkles can make mature skin appear blotchy. A good foundation can work wonders here. Properly applied, it ensures an even, fresh complexion.

Before you reach for foundation, however, it should first start with a primer. This acts like a soft focus, fills in small lines and provides the skin with moisture. Only then does the make-up follow. Invest in a light liquid foundation that is not too heavy on the face and spread it gently with your finger in a first step. In a second step, work the foundation in with a sponge or brush until no more Ränder are visible. After application, carefully dab off any excess foundation with a cosmetic tissue and then lightly set the makeup with powder so that it does not look mask-like and lasts all day.

In addition to the right make-up, a healthy diet also counteracts skin aging: flax, DHA, wheat germ and omega-3-rich oils strengthen the skin, nails and cell membrane.

Optically lift the eye area – Care tips for mature skin

So-called dull shadows at the outer corner of the eye visually pull the eye down. The dark areas around the eye can be made up with a liquid concealer, which creates an optical lifting effect. For the whole thing to work as desired, the concealer shade should be chosen a half to one level lighter than the natural skin tone. If you have particularly dark under-eye shadows, you can use special color-correcting concealers: yellow or orange products make bluish shadows under the eyes disappear. A white kajal on the lower waterline visually enlarges the eye. For an alert look, a light eye shadow or highlighter can also be dabbed into the inner corner of the eye and under the highest point of the brow bone – that’s it!

How do I conceal pigmentation spots and blemishes?

With age, in addition to wrinkles, pigmentation spots and wrinkles also appear on the face. Small Äderchen and lighter spots are best concealed with a CC cream that slightly corrects the skin tone. The light texture is ideal for mature skin. For those who tend to have stronger skin tones on the face, use a color-correcting concealer in the complementary color green. In the case of dark pigmentation spots, a CC cream is usually no longer sufficient and the pigmentation spot can shimmer through. Camouflage – the highly pigmented make-up is extremely durable and makes dark spots disappear quickly. It is best to apply the products with a moistened sponge so that they do not settle into the creases or to dab them partially onto the spots with a fine brush.

What colors should I use when applying makeup?

Be sure to use bright and shimmering shades for a fresh look. Dark make-up makes the eyes look deeper and additionally intensifies dark circles, while shimmering and light eye shadows reflect the light and make the eyes shine. The same applies to lipstick: pink or peach shades provide full lips and a fresh complexion, while dark shades have an austere effect. For a harmonious look, match your blush to the lipstick and use a cream product or stick. This way you can easily apply the blush with your fingers and the complexion immediately gets a beautiful glow.

How do I care for mature skin properly?

A thorough make-up removal program is also essential for mature skin! After facial cleansing, the skin should also be creamed with rich care. Creams with active ingredients such as fruit acids or sesame root extract help to counteract increased pigmentation spots in old age. And: The neck area should never be neglected in daily skin care. The skin there is thinner and less moisturized than on the face and is particularly susceptible to wrinkles. Our care tip: Instead of rubbing in the care quickly, it is better to massage it in with gentle upward movements so as not to additionally pull the sensitive skin down.