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Inner Corner Eyeliner: The makeup trend for an exciting and stylish look!

Eyes are the mirror of the soul and one look is usually worth a thousand words. Since we weren’t allowed to leave our homes without a face mask last year, it’s no surprise that the focus when it comes to makeup is more than ever on the eye area. Although we tend to wear less makeup in the summer, it doesn’t hurt to keep up with the latest trends and maybe try a look or two for a change. After the Puppy Eyeliner caused a stir in the fashion world recently, a brand new trend has caught the attention of all fashionistas in the last few weeks. Want to spice up your classic eyeliner a bit? Then you should definitely read on! The Inner Corner Eyeliner is on everyone’s lips and is guaranteed to create a wow effect! So what’s behind this beauty trend? We will explain that to you in the following!

Inner Corner Eyeliner is THE make-up trend of the summer

Sommer Make-up Trends 2021 Blue Eyeliner Look

When it comes to make-up, drawing the perfect eyeliner line is considered the absolute supreme discipline! Whether you’re experimenting with your makeup a little, learning something new, or simply want to make your eyes pop a little more when wearing face masks – an eyeliner always creates a wow effect and instantly enhances our look. The classic cat eye was already a hit in the 60s and actually never really went out of fashion. But what is inner corner eyeliner? Well, in this case, the eyeliner is actually drawn on the inner corner of the eye, which in turn makes for a dramatic and expressive look.

Apply Inner Corner Eyeliner

Inner Corner Eyeliner Augen Make-up Trends 2021

From classic to graphic and eye-catching, an eyeliner can be applied in all imaginable variations, so you can really go wild with your makeup. For the perfect eyeliner, you need not only a lot of practice, but also a steady hand and, of course, patience. But once you have perfected it, you can always try out new looks and have a lot of fun. As already mentioned, with Inner Corner Eyeliner, the eyeliner is simply drawn on the inner corner of the eye. So instead of letting the eyeliner start in the inner corner of the eye, we still have to pull the tip out a bit. How far actually depends on your own taste and style. So draw an extension of the upper lash line with the pencil and connect the line slightly with the lower lash line.

The most beautiful thing about the Inner Corner Eyeliner is that you have absolute freedom when applying makeup. Of course, the trend looks especially beautiful and dramatic with a curved cat eye. But that’s not a must – the look can be super flashy, as well as totally subtle and simple – it’s all a matter of taste. But to make the tip in the inner corner nice and precise and thin, it’s best to use a very fine eyeliner. The line has become too thick anyway? Do not panic! Simply soak a fine brush in some makeup remover and touch up the line.

The colorful eyeliner is in trend

Pink Eyeliner Trend Augen Make-up Sommer 2021

In summer, we just can’t get enough of bright and radiant colors! This is true not only for our outfits, but also for our makeup. Whether it’s bright pink, glittery white, or soft pastels, statement eyeliners are totally in this year! So if you want to stay on trend, you should definitely invest in a colorful statement eyeliner. Which color you choose is entirely up to you.

Blauer Eyeliner auftragen Sommer Augen Make-up Bilder

Inner corner eyeliner in blue just screams summer and instantly puts you in a good mood. Since the look itself is a real eye-catcher, you should rather keep the rest of your makeup subtle and simple. A little foundation, mascara and a nude lipstick and done – that’s all you need!

Eye make-up with a difference: Reverse Cat Eye

Reverse Cat Eye Augen Make-up Trends Sommer 2021

Okay, we all know cat eye. But what is reverse cat eye supposed to mean, please? Well, this is also a brand new makeup trend that has caused a stir on social media. Combined with Inner Corner Eyeliner, you get a really beautiful look and literally make your eyes pop! We’ll explain how the reverse cat eye goes in the following. For a successful result, you need a creamy kohl pencil, an eyeliner brush and an eyeliner with a very fine tip.

Reverse Eyeliner was ist das Augen Make-up Trends 2021

  • First, draw a line on the waterline with the kajal pencil and blend it lightly with the brush.
  • Next, draw a line on the lower waterline with the eyeliner that tapers to a point on the inner and outer eyes – in other words, a cat eye.
  • For the classic smokey look, you can blend the lower eyeliner with the brush and some black eyeshadow.
  • Apply mascara and your reverse cat eye is ready!

Inner Corner Eyeliner: The most beautiful looks for make-up application

Make-up Trends 2021 Inner Corner Eyeliner auftragen Tipps

The make-up trend for an elegant look

Augen Schminken Sommer Inner Corner Eyeliner auftragen

Colorful eyeliner is perfect for summer

Neon Eyeliner Trend Sommer Augen Make-up

With a blue eyeliner you set your eyes perfectly in scene

Blauer Eyeliner Trend Sommer 2021 Augen Make-up Bilder

Inner corner eyeliner in blue gives the look a refreshing touch

Sommer Eyeliner Looks Augen Make-up Trends 2021

Even the stars are obsessed with the beauty trend

Sommer Make-up Trends Inner Corner Eyeliner auftragen

Inner corner eyeliner in black for a super dramatic look

welches Augen Makeup im Sommer Inner Corner Eyeliner