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Inexpensive eyeliner fails “eco test

“Ökotest” has tested liquid eyeliners. One product did particularly poorly because it contained several questionable ingredients.

For a really good eyeliner you need two things: a steady hand and a reliable kajal. Elegant eyeliner works best with liquid eyeliner. It must be highly pigmented, beautifully fluid, yet smudge-proof, and preferably free of harmful ingredients! According to "Ökotest" at least the latter point does not apply to the "Liquid Ink Eyeliner, 01" from Essence. At a price of 2.25 euros per tube, it is quite affordable and available in many drugstores. In the large eyeliner product test by "Ökotest" it failed, however. The problem: The formula contains several ingredients that are considered controversial. Which is why the eyeliner, like two other of the 18 products tested, only received the rating “poor”;

"Ökotest" has found a potentially skin-irritating substance in the eyeliner from Essence

The test site criticizes the use of the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate. This is frequently used in beauty products as an emulsifier because it combines greasy and water-soluble components. But it is also known to irritate the skin and sensitive mucous membranes. That you do not need the ingredient at all, show all other eyeliner – because only in the product of Essence occurs according to the declaration sodium lauryl sulfate.

But sodium lauryl sulfate is not the only questionable ingredient. The liquid eyeliner also contains plastic compounds that are suspected of harming the environment. And problematic PEG compounds. The latter are criticized because they make the skin more permeable to foreign substances and therefore have no place in cosmetics.

Conclusion: The Günstig eyeliner flops – but there are alternatives

All in all, then simply too many critical ingredients for "Ökotest" to really recommend the cheap liquid eyeliner. How the other eyeliners performed, we have summarized here for you.

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