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How to use the lipstick differently? That’s how versatile our favorites are!

Lipsticks belong on the lips and eyeshadows on the eyes, right? Whether you are just learning to put on makeup or are a self-confessed makeup guru – you surely have at least one lipstick in your makeup bag. These little helpers are arguably the easiest way to jazz up our look, and by now we’ve tried just about every color and formula known to man. However, we hate that we somehow never get to use up all of our lipsticks. Do you’re feeling the same way? How many tubes are already lying in the corner of your drawer? Well, that problem ends today! We have made ourselves smart for you and reveal below the best hacks, how you can use your lipstick differently!

Use lipstick differently and thus conceal dark circles under your eyes

Use lipstick differently Tips clever make-up tricks and hacks

Worked too long, slept too little or partied with the girls until the wee hours and there they are the next morning – dark circles under the eyes that make us look sickly and tired. But what should we do when we are out of concealer and how can we make our face shine again? In this case, we will simply use our beloved red lipstick differently and conceal the dark circles under our eyes with it! It may sound a bit strange at first, but the little hack actually works wonders and makes the nasty shadows disappear in no time. Since red and orange are complementary colors to bluish dark circles, the trick works perfectly. However, you should make sure that you use a lipstick that is not too shiny for this, and women with a lighter complexion should rather go for peach or pink undertones. And this is how easy you can cover dark circles under your eyes with lipstick.

  • Apply the red lipstick with a brush under the eyes and on the eyelid and blend lightly with your fingers.
  • Leave on for about 1 minute and then cover normally with your foundation.

Use the lipstick as a blush

Makeup trends 2021 lipstick use differently tips.

Softly blushing and radiant cheeks are in trend and give our face a refreshing touch. But to achieve this effect, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on overpriced powder and cream blushes. You can actually use lipstick in a different way and use it as a blush substitute. In this case, it is also best to go for pink, red or orange shades. Also remember to use soft, matte, velvety or creamy lipsticks that blend easily and don’t feel heavy on the skin. If the lipstick is too glossy, it will create a beautiful shine. However, if it is too matte, it will look a bit dry and chalky. And if the lipstick doesn’t blend well, make it smoother with some petroleum jelly. For a natural result, blend the lipstick lightly with your fingers.

Or why not use it as eyeshadow?

Use lipstick as blush Makeup Hacks

Bright colors are also all the rage this season when it comes to eye makeup. So how great that we can use lipstick in a different way and use it as an eye shadow! It’s actually a great way to freshen up our look. And the best part? With this trick, we have the great advantage of matching the color directly to our eye makeup.

How to use lipstick differently Lip gloss as eyeshadow tips.

For the most natural result, go for a liquid lipstick for this, which is easier to blend. While soft pink tones provide a girly touch, light brown tones are best suited for a natural makeup. And that’s how easy the trick works:

  • Apply a little lipstick on your finger and carefully dab it on your eyelid.
  • Blend with a brush and you’re done!

Use lipstick differently: As a colored eyeliner

Use lipstick differently Blue eyeliner Makeup Trends Winter 2021

And here comes another great way you can use lipstick differently and use it to make up your eyes. Are you getting tired of your classic black and brown eyeliner? Then we have good news for you! Whether in blue, purple or a pink eyeliner – colored eyeliners are fully on trend this season and a real eye-catcher. And no, you don’t have to buy a new kohl pencil for this – all you need is a liquid lipstick in the desired color. Simply apply some carefully with a fine brush, as if it were a normal gel eyeliner. Whether you make the eyeliner thin or thick, it does not matter – anything you like is allowed!

Our favorites are also ideally suited for contouring

Use lipstick as eyeshadow makeup hacks

Contouring has been all the rage for a few years now and has become an integral part of our makeup routine. The makeup technique is best suited for defining our facial features and setting targeted highlights. Through the fine brush strokes and different shades of color, we can actually make our face look narrower. Save yourself the money for an expensive contouring palette and learn how to use lipstick differently for this instead. All you need for this are a few creamy lipsticks in different shades of brown, a few shades darker than your skin tone. With this, simply contour the desired areas, blend and you’re done!

As a tattoo cover-up

Conceal tattoos with lipstick experiences makeup tricks and hacks

Don’t get us wrong – we love tattoos! Whether it’s for a job interview, a wedding, or a family dinner – but in some situations, it’s helpful to cover up our visible tattoos. One of the ways to achieve this is with the so-called camouflage makeup. But unfortunately, such products are not exactly cheap and in some cases even several shades have to be mixed together to create the right tone needed for covering. Save yourself the money and nerves and use your red lipstick for this instead. Simply color the tattoo completely with it and go over it with powder and some concealer and it will be gone. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

how to use lipstick differently simple makeup hacks