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How to make up round eyes? – Find here the best make-up tips to emphasize and set the scene for your eye shape!

The eyes are considered the window to the soul and make-up is always a great way to showcase our assets or conceal small flaws. Whether blue, green, gray or colorful – every eye color is special and unique. But in order to additionally emphasize our eyes and to achieve the most perfect result possible, not only the color but also the eye shape plays an important role. Have you ever noticed that some colors and makeup techniques just don’t work so well on you? Of course, this is because eye shapes are always different from person to person. Wondering how best to apply makeup to round eyes? Which eyeshadow would be right for you? And what about eyeliner for round eyes? We’ve done our research for you and compiled the best makeup tips to perfectly accentuate round eyes!

Round eyes make-up: the perfect eye shadow for your eye shape

which eye shadow by eye shape how to make up big round eyes tips

When it comes to makeup, there is no universal rule that applies to everyone, as we all have different facial features. While there are some makeup mistakes that age and that, we should avoid, the most important thing is to figure out the look that works best for us. To achieve a harmonious overall look, the first thing that should be determined when doing makeup is the shape of the eyes. With round eyes, the iris is always visible, which makes them look very large and like doe eyes. If you want to make up round eyes almond-shaped and stretch them visually, you should pay attention to the choice of eye shadow color.

round eyes makeup instructions eye makeup mistakes that make older

The easiest way to achieve this is to emphasize the inner half of the movable eyelid with light eyeshadow and the outer half, starting in the middle, with dark eyeshadow. Depending on your eye color, there are countless options to choose from for this. While gray, brown or black are perfect for green eyes, purple and blue bring out darker eyes perfectly.

Round eyes almond shaped makeup makeup mistakes that make older

To add depth and drama to the look, forgo glittery eyeshadow and choose matte products instead. A touch of highlighter on the inside further enhances the stretching effect and literally makes your round eyes pop. With round eyes, we want to avoid harsh lines – so remember to blend the eyeshadow well.

Make up eyelashes properly

Apply mascara correctly round eyes makeup tips

To make up round eyes, we should also pay attention to our eyelashes when doing our makeup. In order to visually stretch the shape of the eyes and balance them out a bit, it is better to be sparing with mascara and try to avoid dark colors. Lighter shades, such as brown, gray or blue, are on trend this year and provide a fresher look. You can enhance the effect with a very simple trick by applying mascara mainly on the outer lashes. To prevent your eyes from looking even rounder, either don’t accentuate the lower lid at all or only very subtly and use lighter shades for this purpose.

Round eyes make-up: eyeliner for a dramatic look

round eyes correct makeup which makeup for my eye shape

Round eyes are often referred to as “cute”, which is great if that’s the look you’re going for. But, if you want something that looks sexy and grown up, we have the perfect solution for you! The good old cat eye is probably the easiest way to make round eyes look elongated and it looks really outstanding. The curved eyeliner exudes a timeless elegance and visually stretches the eyes as a plus. To achieve an almond-like shape, draw the line up to the outer corner of the eye. If you like it even more dramatic and eye-catching, connect the upper eyeliner with a second, fine line on the lower lash line.

round eyes make up tips make up mistakes that make older

And here’s a small but subtle tip – to make the eye look even wider, then the eyeliner should start in the middle of the eye and become even wider towards the outside. However, a little caution is required, because a very curved eyeliner looks great, but emphasizes the round eye shape even more. So to avoid this, keep the line rather subtle. And as far as colors are concerned, absolutely anything is possible. Whether it’s a black kohl for more depth or a white eyeliner for a fresh look, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles.

Which eyebrows for round eyes?

which eyebrow shape for round eyes makeup mistakes that make older

Round, angular, thin or bushy – eyebrows add contour to our face and are the perfect secret weapon to show off our features to their best advantage. Eyebrows with a slight arch, which run long to the back, make round eyes appear visually longer. You can easily achieve the arch yourself by plucking the hairs below the highest point. To avoid gaps in the eyebrows, it is better to proceed carefully and slowly.

makeup by eye shape tips how to make up round eyes