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How to apply lipliner correctly? The best tips

Lip liner is used to trace the lip contour. The effect: the lips look fuller and the subsequent color can be applied more easily. But how do you outline your lips without blunders? Tikbow gives tips.

Why should you apply lip liner?

If you like matte, bright lipsticks, you should never forgo applying lip liner. To a certain extent, the contour pencil defines the frame of the lip. This means that if you want to create fuller lips, you can paint over the lip contour and visually enlarge the natural shape of the lips. If you only want a clean lipstick edge, use lip liner to trace the natural lip lines so that the color does not bleed later. But that’s easier said than done, after all, there are a few things you have to keep in mind, otherwise makeup blunders are inevitable.

The right lip liner

In order to achieve a clean lip contour, you first need a suitable lip liner. The lip liner color should be a similar shade to the lipstick that is to be applied over it. Choose the liner no more than 1-2 shades lighter or darker! However, it is not only the color that is important, but also the texture. If the liner is too hard, the application can be painful and uneven, if it is too soft, the whole thing smudges. Pencils with wax-soft leads are the easiest to apply. Models with twist-out leads are particularly practical. The advantage is that the twist refills are usually so fine that you don’t have to sharpen them. The relatively soft lipliner tends to break off in the sharpener, making it unusable.

Tip: If you only have a lip liner with a harder lead handy, warm it briefly in your hand.

Apply lip liner correctly

Tracing the heart of your lips in one go can be quite tricky, so never trace the contour in one motion – it will go wrong if you’re not a makeup pro! It’s easier to trace one arch at a time. Start with the lip liner application in the center of the upper lip and then trace the contour along the arch, stroke by stroke, down to the corner of the mouth. Then repeat the whole process on the other corner of the lip. For the lower lip, it’s the same game: start in the middle and work carefully outward. Tip: If you smile while doing this, it is easier to trace the contour because the lip skin is then firmer. Finally, open your mouth wide so that you can apply lip liner to the corners of your mouth, and you’re done.

If you want, you can then apply the lipstick inside the freshly drawn lip contour. Alternatively, you can also color the entire lips with lipliner, the contour pencil is usually more durable and at least as color-intensive as conventional lipstick.