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How painful is a lip tattoo?

Kendall Jenner has one, Miley Cyrus too: a “hidden” tattoo on the inside of the lower lip. But how risky is the tattoo on the inside of the lip and what must be considered with these tattoos? Tikbow asked the expert.

Tätowierte lip — geht das?

Florian Riffel, managing director of the tattoo studio Autark in Berlin knows the desire for a tattoo on the inside of the lip, but advises his customers in principle from:  "Now and then a customer with the desire gets lost in my tattoo studio, then we have to do educational work. Often we can dissuade the customer from the spot, because the quality is in the foreground and not the quick funny number." So the customer can not be given a guarantee für the success of the lip tattoo, because the mucous membrane in this area renews quickly. Also, the stitching at this point is anything but simple, because the skin on the inside of the lips can not be properly stretched, and the color thus easily runs out.

How long does a lip tattoo last?

Üsimilarly to the tongue or the palms of the hands, the lips are a place where a tattoo usually will not last long. Due to the high stress and the good blood circulation, the artwork fades after a short time and must then be stung again and again. The mucous membrane in this area renews itself incredibly quickly and accordingly the healed result looks later. However, this is not a must! There are cases where everything is still in place and legible or recognizable even after years,” says Florian Riffel.

How risky are lip tattoos?

"There are no health risks", notes the Tätowierer. The only risk, he says, is rapid fading, and that is not worth the pain, which is not to be underestimated in this area. The inside of the lips is a very sensitive part of the body. This can make the tattoo painful even for the very hardcore. In addition, there may be heavy bleeding of the mucous membrane. Also, the healing process takes a long time, because it is always moist in the mouth. A lip tattoo should therefore be well überlegt before deciding für this step.