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Hatice Schmidt explains eye make-up for beginners

“10 Beauty Minutes” is the name of our talk format, in which we talk to influencers and experts about makeup, skincare and well-being. In our final episode, however, editorial director – and make-up expert – Daniela has to do it herself. Beauty pro Hatice Schmidt guides her on eye makeup. How that worked out can be seen in the video.

One thing in advance: 10 minutes were not enough für this project, even if Hatice Schmidt has given everything in the eye make-up tutorial. So we used editing and fast forward to capture the final result. The starting situation was also conceivably difficult: In terms of eye make-up, Daniela only masks her eyelashes, but wants to upgrade that with eyeshadow and fake lashes. Beauty professional Hatice Schmidt helps.

She is a successful beauty influencer and entrepreneur, so she really knows her way around makeup, makeup techniques and beauty products. "When you put on makeup, you don’t always have to do everything", says Hatice Schmidt. "A lot does not always help a lot." We start with eyebrow styling, combing up and filling in. Eye shadow, including blending, followed by the eyeliner. Daniela calls the "final opponent", Hatice simply "geometry."

Simple eye make-up – explained by Hatice Schmidt.

Daniela fills in her eyelashes with individual fake lashes. Whether that works, what Hatice für alternatives for fuller eyelashes suggests " and how the guided look looks in the end, you can see in the video to our "10 Beauty-Minuten" – the Tikbow-Talkshow.

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